[Suggestion!] I'm sure its been brought up, but Crossbows would be nice!

I think it would be beneficial to be able to craft a crossbow. It would be nice to have something slightly more accurate that can get more range than what the hunting bow is capable of.
It could even do the same amount of damage as the hunting bow (but i figure realistically speaking, the added force should do more damage)

Obviously it would use bolts instead of arrows, and when it comes to crafting the crossbow it could take something along the lines of 50 wood, 25 metal fragments.

Bolts would take 1 stone, and maybe 4 or 5 metal fragments to craft.

Reload time could be about the same if not a second longer (obviously down side would be the animation making you look down in order to pull the wire back, but would make it more fair)

Perhaps it could be a recipe you have right away or a blueprint needed to learn (I wouldn’t mind either way)

I just know how helpful it could be to have an added range to my silent kills, be it animal, zombie, or player.

the bow in the game doesnt shoot arrows, it shoots spears… just sayin

I still love that half the time when you shoot a bow, you’re shooting yourself in the head lol. If they implement a crossbow (which would be nice) it should shoot you in the foot.

I almost posted this myself but I had already posted the “wooden spear” suggestion.

To be honest, I would like to see 3 stages of “noob” weapons:

  1. Wooden spear, capable of being made with wood and nothing else. Good for hunting animals that can fight back and a slightly longer melee.

  2. Bow and arrow, for added range and damage but requires materials gathered from animals as well as wood.

  3. Crossbow, for added range and damage BEYOND the bow and arrow. Allows for much better accuracy due to the addition of sights. Requires wood, cloth, and metal fragments. Bolts require wood and metal fragments.

Of course this is due to a reminder that the modern weapons will be moved in a direction which will make them significantly more difficult to obtain.

I personally agree with all of that.

I would love to see wooden spears, where you could either use them to Jab or Throw.

I think they should add it to the game as a more accurate version of the bow but take more time to reload (Just like in real life) It should be in a blueprint tought

I really like the idea of a crossbow but I don’t think it should be a blueprint. It’s not a complicated invention when you really think about it. If you can make a 9mm at the start then a crossbow is hardly a stretch.

Other than the cranking mechanics (which most are just pulled and set directly with your hands), a crossbow is just a bow that’s stuck to a rifle frame. It’s actually incredibly easy to construct. The old ones from the medieval period used straight square blocks with a simple trigger mechanism built in, then set a bow on top of the block.

If you can manage to make a “hand cannon”, you can make a crossbow.