[SUGGESTION] Implement Admin Mode

EDIT: I have decided that instead of Admin Mode, Admins Actions should be broadcasted in the chat box / Logs / Console for everyone to see.

Spectate/Follow Should be on a delay that the server owner can set maxing out at 30 mins. For example, Server owner Alpha sets delay to 30 mins and then spectates somemone, 30 mins later Admin Greyfoxzb Has Spectated SomeDouche 30 mins ago.

Another Example: Server Owner Bravo sets it to 5 mins and then spectates someone 5 mins later it broadcasts to the server: Admin SomeAdminGuy Has Spectated SomeRandomGuy 5 mins ago.

In this way we have full transparency but still are able to fully combat hackers but the abuse will be broadcasted if it happens, and everyone will know that that Admin is an abuser, it will also help Server Owners Get rid of Abusive Admins Much Much Easier, you will have definitive proof of someone abusing not to mention witnesses.

To get rid of admin abuse beyond any doubt here is the solution:

Make it so there is Admin Mode.

Admin mode does the following:

Allows the admin to spawn in items for himself/ insta craft/ free build etc.

If any item is dropped or placed in a chest it will immediately get removed from the game.

Any items Spawned by an admin will be removed when the admin leaves Admin Mode ( This applies to items, not building blocks )

What does this do?

This allows Vanilla servers to allow admins to have their freedoms to do what they want when they want, however it stops admins from spawning items for non admins. It also allows users of modded servers to still have “sandbox” servers.

Basically I want to know that vanilla servers do not have any chance of admins spawning in and using c4, guns, or resources against me.

I also want it so when I play as an admin on my server there is no way to abuse it unless I modify my server with addons.

Admins not in admin mode, will still be able to kick/ban/mute but not spawn items or insta craft/freebuild.

If an admin is being abusive, find a different server. Admin abuse isn’t a Rust problem, it’s a gaming problem. Happens all the time with every game ever made.

and yet there are some simple ways to make sure it doesn’t happen in vanilla. ( FYI every admin abuses on every server , if the server doesn’t have an admin that is the only serer that wont have admin abuse )

the thing is, every restriction you put on admins is another reason they just won’t bother being an admin.

we need good admins on good servers. that will happen when people walk away from assholes running shitty servers, and they starve to death from lack of population.

The problem with that is the fact that power corrupts.

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you have the power it will get abused.

now, that being said, this power that I am talking about is strictly giving items to people that are not admins; which can still be achieved by modding your server.

It still wont stop admins ghosting, or teleporting, unless they make those things admin mode too, which would make it so they cannot be in play mode unless they respawn first. or something of that nature.

Basically a non abusive adminVSplay mode would be a good thing in my opinion.

yes. but nothing short of eliminating any power would guarantee that it isn’t abused. it’s a bit like cops. they have a damn hard time doing their job because of the restrictions placed upon them. take away their power entirely, and there will be no corrupt cops, but then there will also be no cops.

Stop with this generalizing bs, not every admin abuses, just because this is probably your case(as you speak from experience that power corrupts anybody every time) it doesn’t mean it applies to absolutely everybody. I talk from experience, while we had the server in legacy nor me or the other admins have ever did anything like that, 24/7 we just teleported from person to person, checked profiles and ran around looking at people especially the new ones on the server, we got to 100/100 in about 5 days and that’s how it kept going(we didn’t want to raise the pop because of the prices and it was becoming a BF server) and that’s the case on others too even on the ones where the admins play. Take some time and find a good server, just because some have many weapons or huge buildings it doesn’t mean that there’s admin abuse but just big groups and/or players that play a lot.
Sometimes they have to give items to players if let’s say there was a server rollback and the players have proof of it.

There are cases where an admin would need to spawn in items or weapons for legitimate purposes without having them auto-destroy when dropped: reimbursement, clan servers where admins organize events or create special temporary arenas or training sessions, and of course private servers.

IMO the problem isn’t what an admin can do, it’s transparency and accountability. Taking away admin powers will always cause friction, but knowing/tracking what an admin is doing doesn’t restrict him/her in any way. You can solve this by having a specific admin mode that allows admin powers, but announces in chat when entering or exiting this mode. Invisibility (for the purposes of catching hackers) is a separate issue, still doable. Further, a console-accessible log of specific admin-mode actions (spawn items, kill, kick, ban, harvest) would greatly diminish accusations of admin abuse or favoritism.

These could all be toggleable options set by the server owner; its their server and some people don’t like others looking over their shoulder. But if the options were available, I certainly wouldn’t play on servers that deliberately chose to keep them obscure.

Sounds like you play on some shitty servers. Ever thought about trying a new one?

Simple solution - don’t play on servers where admins abuse their admin powers.

In my experience, these servers tend to be a small minority. The only people who tend to stick around on those servers are the admin and his friends that he spawns shit in for. The exception would be if it’s a PvE only server that focuses on building. Then who gives a shit what the admin gives to who.

If it’s a server where PvP is allowed (which is most), then it’s a shitty, stupid decision by the admin, and people will leave. The admin and his friends can then enjoy being alone on the server with tons of guns, ammo, and C4 and no one to shoot and nothing to blow up. If this is the situation and you stick around on one of these servers, then it’s you’re own fault you’re in that predicament. There are dozens upon dozens of servers out there where the admins aren’t asshats. Just find one.

It’s a self-correcting system. I don’t think putting restrictions on what the admin can do is required. Players just have to take some initiative and find a server that works for them and their play style, not force restrictions on all admins because a small minority of them are childish, immature idiots. People need to learn to take personal responsibility. Fuck this having a higher power hold peoples’ hands to try to make everyone happy.

Remember, admins pay their own money to run their servers. They should have the ability to do whatever they wish. If they ruin the game for everyone on their server, it’s their own damn fault they’ll have no one to play with.

I 100% disagree with you, admin abuse is not a minority.

Finding a vanilla server or a server with the right mods is very difficult borderline impossible due to admin abuse, the wrong mods, wipe dates and a combination of all of the above.

Maybe making it impossible for the admins to abuse via removing play mode spawning is the wrong approach, Maybe a better solution is that vanilla servers admin commands are all posted to chat/log/console.

And for spectate they can make it show up in chat 5 mins later IE “Admin SoandSo Spectated WhatsHisName 5 Mins Ago”

That way if people see admins Spawning shit/dropping it or tp/spectate all the time that shows abuse then we can either leave or maybe the admins wont do it anymore or as much.

I think there could be a command so server owners could restrict admins from spawning in items, this should be off by default, so only servers who wish to be guaranteed no admin-abuse (in terms of items) would enable it. There should also be something to identify these servers on the server list, like an icon.

So instead of wasting some hours on a server which you discover later has an abusive admin, you could save some time and play on a guaranteed server with no admin abuse if this really bothers you.

i would be happy with any admin action being broadcast in local chat, or console. transparency is important in any position of authority.

the only issue would be idiots who start bossing the admin around being alerted to the admins actions.

ADMIN has spawned AK.
dickhead: “hey, i want one too!!”
admin: “i’m just replacing one stolen by hackers i just banned”
admin: “…”

I would be happy enough with full transparency of admin commands. ( of course spectate could be on the 5 min timer so admins can view people suspected of hacking and they wont know for 5 mins )

I also like the idea of the icon.

Let me correct myself a bit. A minority of POPULATED servers. People tend to not stick around when admins are assholes.

I’m not sure I agree with everything you want, but I’d be ok with admin actions being broadcasted in chat though, except follow. That one needs to be anonymous for hackers. At least everyone would know what the admin is doing that could potentially affect the gameplay for everyone on the server.

follow i presume = spectate?

yeah i agree, that command can’t really be broadcast for what it is required for.

Nope, spectate shouldn’t be reported, if there’s a smart cheater he will just do it for a few seconds then stop it and so on so the admin might not catch him in those 5 mins he has time before that command is being shown to everybody on the chat. Then the cheater will be even more careful knowing the admin has his eyes on him.
I’m not sure how much you played Rust but in the time I did the only thing was to go on the more populated servers 50+ and see how it goes for a few hours, on all these 1000+hrs I have played on good servers with good admins, it’s just about joining the right ones, not the ones with 5 people on them.

If admin commands are going o be broadcasted they all have to be broadcasted, this means even spectate, though I agree it should not do it right away, but if an admin spectates someone the server should know about it after a delay, that way the admin can keep an eye on people but they will not know when he is doing it, because it’s on a delayed broadcast.

And even populated servers have abusive admins, some admins abuse under the radar of the populations knowledge thus it still happens even in populated servers.

Often times you go on a server and it;s all fine, then a day/two later you discover an abusive admin and it ruins your playtime there. I would love to be able to play for those 1/2 days knowing if an admin is doing random shit he isn’t supposed too that will likely affect me in the future of that play-through.

In my opinion its wrong to change anything, because you already got the possibility to get that “Broadcasting” if you mod your server. If an admin is abusive just leave the server. There is and will be no improvement if you create an implemented broadcast system of admin actions, because the abusive admins will just write a plugin to get around that issue.

Grey I think you exaggerate or you played only a little, not every server has abusive admins and sometimes people just like to say “abuse abuse” when they get raided or killed or see some massive base just because they can’t accept that someone is doing better than them. There are good servers and bad ones, look for the good ones because they aren’t that rare. Just recently I played on a server with about 80-100 ppl on for like 2 weeks, no abuse at all, sadly now it has some huge issues with DDOS or something like that and it might close or reopen in a month or so. Try RustHQ, that one again definitely doesn’t have any abuse