Suggestion: In-Game Webcam

I searched the forums (briefly) and didn’t see this suggested:

I’d love to be able to craft some sort of video (or periodic pic) transmitter in-game, that I could log into on my phone or laptop when not at my gaming PC so I could keep an eye on what is going on at my base etc. You’d have to fuel or charge it up to allow it to run, maybe you could only place one within a tool shed’s build area that you’re authorized on?

Anyway, this is super low priority in relation to making awesome farming or other gameplay improvements. But its just something that popped into my head :slight_smile:


Someone has suggested it before, and it seems a bit odd - when you log off, you log off, you dont stick around watching while you sleep. I can understand the reason for the function, I just dont see the need for it, if you are on vacation in whatever country and see that you are being raided, what would you do about it?

I play with a couple of friends who are often in-game when I can’t be (at work). On lunch I could have a look and send them a heads-up.

There is no way I’d pay attention to it if I were fortunate enough to go on a vacation in another country.

the point of the game is that shit happens

when you log off your player is supposed to be essentially asleep
and that sleeping body has no superpowers to detect an incoming attack

rust is a game about multiplayer wilderness survival, where humans are the enemy
you have to be social if you want to survive; find a group to build and bunk with


My suggestion has more to do with greedily feeding my curiosity when I can’t actually log on to play.

Yo what if you put down a laser tripwire, or a sound detector, which sends a notification right to your phone saying: “There was a loud noise reported on (name of detector)”. I actually think Garry has explored this idea, because he had it on his mind map.

But this would work just as well.

Maybe they could have a webcam as well to see who is raiding your base.

Then you could call a bounty on them:

This would take away from the devastation of logging on at the beach when you should be in your comfy bed or sleeping bag =p