[Suggestion] Introduce horses and animals taming

I propose to add horses and taming of wild animals in the following way.

Taming of a horse you would require some food it likes (hay or sugar maybe).
In order to ride a horse you need tto make a saddle of wood and leather. Horse can be stolen if another player retames it, so it should be kept in a secure stables. Horses will open a way for cavalry tactics: using lances, spears and swords from horseback, even shoot from horseback.

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Wolfs also should be tamable.

Taming of a wolf would require meat. The tamed wolf can be used as a guard dog: placed inside house between two doors, accompany you and attack the targets you show it. There should be agressive, passive and guard modes for pets behavior: in agressive mode it attacks anyone who hurts owner and wild animals on sight, in passive – doesn’t attack without order at all and in guard mode – atttack everyone (except owner and his group members) on sight and returns to the place it guards if target ran too far away (ideal mode to guard house inside and outside). Wolf can not be retamed by other players, but maybe can be poisoned with poisoned food dropped near it.

i read ur post and remembered something

Rust wolfs are too small to ride them.)

This would be sick. I want tameable bears as cavalry as well, because why the hell not. Although we need actual melee weapons before we see mounted melee anyway.

Are you telling me that wielding a pickaxe while riding a bear doesn’t count as melee?
Pop on a 1800s russian army hat and you’re Trotzky’s nightmare.

not sure about tameable predators but with the farming update I really want to see pig and chicken pens that increase in population, die from hunger, wolves etc.

Ive heard horse animations are really hard to do realistically.

Bow from horseback…

Samurai dreams :slight_smile:

Hmmm. This whole thing sounds a bit too Minecraft esc to me. I personally am for the rusty bicycle. The horse would be a good idea, it could be used for single transport or you could use it for a horse and carriage to transport multiple players and some cargo. The wolves just wouldn’t fit in this game. They are supposed to be regarded as savage beasts, not some weak animal that can be tamed by cooked chicken. Rust is more about crafting traps and difficult bases to raid. If wolves were put in you could just fill a noobie shack with 3 wolves and protect yourself almost indefinitely. Overall, I think the horses sound good, but the wolves should stay out.

Problem with farming/taming animals or anything similar is that people will come along and kill them all just to be *****.