[Suggestion] Introduce sign language

This is going to be a tough one. It really depends on whether or not Unity is up to the task. And it would be impossible to introduce the entire language due to international differences (American sign language is radically different from, say, British sign language, even though both countries speak English), regional dialects, accents, and so on.

But if a selection of important key words or phrases could be introduced, you’d add line-of-sight inaudible communication between players. On a raid or in a gunfight, two players taking cover behind two boulders could communicate tactics without the opposing party intercepting. During a reconnaissance mission, a scout could signal back “danger”. Or “lots of resources”. Or “base / camp”. When passing through someone else’s turf, you could sign “friendly” (aka “famous last words”) while sprinting. The possibilities with just a small number of signs would be significant. Fingerspelling would be a huge gain, but might be too complex to introduce. Even 5-10 carefully-selected words or phrases would add an completely new and unique dimension to gameplay. Keeping the vocabulary brief would also allow someone who knows no sign language at all to quickly pick up the signs.

This could be implemented via a selector wheel just like the building plans.

Signing would have some inherent limits. Just like voice chat, signing can be intercepted by someone within sight range, so it’s not automatically a secure means of communication. People could also lie with signs, just as they do with voice chat and text. You might want to consider momentarily putting the weapon away, but a lot of signs can be done and understood one-handed. And there’s the risk the recipient might not see the sign due to distance or obstructions – but these are problems with voice chat as well.

Rocks: http://www.lifeprint.com/asl101/pages-signs/r/rock.htm
Danger: http://www.lifeprint.com/asl101/pages-signs/d/danger.htm
Friendly: http://www.lifeprint.com/asl101/pages-signs/f/friend.htm or http://www.lifeprint.com/asl101/pages-signs/f/friendly.htm

Again, this falls almost entirely on how complex Unity’s hand manipulation can be. The actual signs probably wouldn’t be hard to add as 2-second animations, but Unity may not be up to the job of such precise manipulation. There are some other concerns like it would be harder to read from the side or impossible from behind, but affect real world signing as well, so they’re not an artificial in-game issue.

I’d love to see gestures (wave, hands-up, cease-fire, over-here, chicken dance, etc) on the wheel, so numbers and signs could go in too.

The less obvious hand gestures could appear (like nameplates) only at close range, allowing for private/silent communications at very close range. This could also allow a “secret handshake” to identify new community members.

That’s another point I forgot to mention. The “handshake” wouldn’t even have to make sense; it could be “friendly rock danger”, just as long as everyone agreed on it. Like a sophisticated jumpcheck. And I also like the basic gestures: look, wave, over there, etc.

simple and identifiable gestures for sure. i’m not convinced that the newman’s would all know sign language, though it would be interesting for the deaf players out there.

as a point of interest, here’s the auslan versions for rock, danger, and friend :slight_smile:


I did think about this a bit, and it would be plausible to add a sign language book (or series of books, levels 1-3) among the blueprints. At least it would be no more implausible than building an assault rifle from wood and rocks and dead bears. Alternatively, it could be something that just has to be learned in order to fully maximize the gameplay (just as you need to learn teamwork to launch / fend off a large raid, or aiming / stealth for PVP). That’s why I’d want to see the vocab kept brief. If we stick to 5-10 signs, it’s believable that it could be worked into the backstory as the player learned the signs from watching others.

I also went back and forth on whether or not the signs should be subtitled, so that players would see “friendly” or “danger” or whatnot. I don’t think they should, simply because nothing else in the game is handed to the player like that.

I’ve been deaf since birth for over 30 years, when people find out that I’m deaf they ask me if i know sign language, I show them my middle finger because that’s all i really need to know, Sign language is bloody hard to learn i know cos i did a course on it, though Tactical sign language would be better suited to Rust rather than normal sign language.

Which sign language are you referring to? ASL isn’t hard at all. The syntax might throw some people off, but that’s true with any language.