*SUGGESTION* Inventory Organization

Hey, even though I don’t have access to the game yet, from what I have seen it seems people have trouble with storing things and finding items in their inventories. I thought maybe Gary should add a “Combine” button to the inventory screen that combines all like items in the inventory to max stack. Also maybe try to add some sort or “Organize” button that put all items at the top of the inventory screen and put all “like items” together. Just some ideas, probably could be worked on a bit more. Any other suggestions just leave em in the comments!



Not important at the moment, more pressing matters have to be sorted out before adding in this sort of thing.

Well of course, focus on the greater things now, but as a suggestion for the future, this wouldn’t be a bad idea imo.

the inventory should be Resident Evil Sorting

I do believe some time in the future there should be some kind of sorting system in the inventory… It would get kind of anyone to keep dragging each object.

I think it would be easier just to have it auto combine to avoid bugging of any kind.