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Hey I find it very hard to navigate around the world at rust and i always wonder why is there no map. I thought about it and i think that you should be able to craft a map with some charcoal and paper then give the actually map a crap scribbled outline type theme. This will get players familiar with things instead of just killing yourself to spawn near your house. You could also add marks on the map. Your player does not show up on the map so you have to look at landmarks and mark around where you think your house is. this would also help with planning things as well.

I kind of enjoy navigating using the landmarks. But I assume they will be adding a map. A map you have to mark yourself would be great.

Planning things? Like parties?

Totally kidding, But in relation to the post, Charcoal? What does charcoal have anything to do with making a map…?

Also if you could add a custom destination point to where you will go next is good too like adding checkpoints to find your houses faster but though not that challenging.

Charcoal to draw it.
I dont see any ink in the game

Also if you do and craft a new map its gonna be a “new map” so you have to mark your house again

People have been known to draw things with charcoal.

Not a bad idea. I like it.

Really?, I do believe you are thinking about ancient times…?

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Hmmm interesting, I would love to see this idea in action

I’ve drawn a a map of how it could look like
i tried to give it that messy coal effect but i suck at photoshop :stuck_out_tongue:

This. This could be interesting

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What if the map was able to be edited completely, There would be multiple colors and different markings to choose on the map, You could write things on the map like “Enemy base guarded by 3 people”, Or “Stay away very hostile area”

thats what i meant my markers like a little x or draw it yourself then add some text

That would be cool, I would like to see it ingame

Sort of like Phantom Hourglass’s map, how you can actually draw on the map?

Map thread…

Why create more thread on the same topics :?

dead topic, didnt want to gravedig. OP was banned

Personally I would prefer using what I can remember of the world to get around, when you’re surviving out in the wild, fighting against other players and trying to get farm and secure a base.

I don’t think you really have a map in the middle of nowhere.

Crafting maps would be a dumb idea. But helk did say yesterday that they will be adding in a map which you can find.

you should only be able to find a map - and its draws piece for piece (like fog of war)

did you read the thread.
its not gonna be a proper map just a quick brief overview.[/t]

ancient drawing


made in 1,000,000 BC


incredibly well preserved