[Suggestion] Key Code Lock / Unlock issue

I dont know if it is already mentioned before but what about making codelocks/locks on the doors lock/unlock with holding “e” instead of pressing the key? it causes miss clickings when players opening or closing doors. What do you think guys?

agreed. it would be more user friendly to have the context use of a door with a lock be unlock/lock rather than having to pinpoint the lock itself:)

It would make more sense if use opens the numpad but that would be way more annoying.

Giving the codelock only hold use options is worth a try imo.

if just click in the codelock they would use the item command instead itself and holding in codelock appears the normal radiu ui of codelock options. good idea dude!!!

I agree.

I’ve definitely stumbled across accidentally locking and unlocking one of my code-locks and/or locks in the hands of pressing ‘E’ when I’m trying to access one of my doors.

You might want to stick around modded servers that have the “Auto Doors” mod implemented, because I can tell you that it saves a lot of time and reduces the struggle since you don’t have to always have that worry on your back about leaving behind one your doors opened and what not.

My point is keycode/lock miss-clickings, you want to open the door but you clicking the lock instead and door is unlocked.

Everytime opening and closing the door behind is no problem we already get used to it. So no need modded server or door auto closing etc.

If Unlocking/locking the door function moves into keycode/lock context menu (which is holding “e”) it can prevent miss-clickings.

i hope developers can find better solutions for it.

They gonna tweak this issue in the next update.

Garry posted it on twitter.

Also let people type in the computer numpad instead of only clicking on UI keyapd

Thanks to Garry! He is working on it! Yay

Maybe make that pressing E on the door locks it only and you need to long press E to unlock it with a menu. I hate the new sphere targeting system and I think it should be disabled for every big items like boxes and doors etc and be kept only for items that are hard to find in the grass.