Suggestion kill logs

Greetings players of Rust!

I think i got an idea in order for admin(s) to find cheaters fairly quicker.

Kill logs

It would be nice if we could have some kind of kill logs like:

[03-04-14 18:29] AppleJuicePlayer got killed by Stick with a hit to the head (MP5) (steamID of the killer)

It’s a pain in the ass that people get killed by hackers and simply reply with “i don’t know the name”

I think this is a good way to atleast help me and all the other admins out there that struggle with those cheating nabkins.

Removal tool

It would also be great if FP could make a removal tool for normal servers, we’re currently hosting a Vanilla server and don’t want to install mods
but it’s quite annoying to not be able to destroy stuff. Would be nice if we could do it without the mod (like with some kind of weapon)

Just my thoughts, have a rusty day.
(sorry if one of the above topics have been mentioned already, kinda hard to search on FP)