Suggestion - Lanterns

My ideas for this Mechanic:

You could craft lanterns with Metal Frags, and Cloth. (Representing the Body of the lamp, and the wick?)

To run the lamp you would click “E” On the Lamp EXACTLY Like the fireplace, It would have two slots inside of it. One for Charcoal, and One for Cloth.
Then you would edit the insert menu and Hit “E” then Ignite, Exactly like the fireplace.

This lamp would Just hang off the side of a wall, or on a box. It would have better light than a fireplace, Or worse.
Having the lamp would make it easier to produce light without having a flashlight/fireplace, And it would add more RP like features to the game.

I know multiple guys who think this would be a good idea, Any comments would be greatly appreciated on this topic.

Good idea but a fire place already does that, only uses wood to ignite and has more uses (smelting)

I know the fireplace does something of the sort. Its there for crafting, Not light though. And it cant go on walls like a Lamp could.

Could you carry it?

Hate to burst your bubble, but it is there for light. I can see a lantern as a portable light (similar to a flare but lasts longer) or for someone who just wants to decorate their house.

Well, I know its for light. But I imagine a lantern as MORE light, you know what I mean. And yeah You could carry the Lantern In 1 Hand, With a pistol in the other.?

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You should be able too. And possibly a pistol with it.

Sure I guess you could duel wield, don’t see why not.

Maybe a torch or a lantern, either way you should be able to use them for your left hand and others on your right.

Yeah that would be cool, maybe you could hold a hatchet or pistol in one hand and the other could be the lantern, and you could put them on walls or something so you could light up your house without using flares.

Sorry, but I think the lantern has been used on games and I like the glow sticks. :confused:

Are you referring to flares??? There are no glow sticks that I know of and if there were that would be a horrible light source.

And you can’t attach flares to walls.

And so what if other games used lanterns?? That’s as stupid as saying Halo Reach copied CoD because you can run.

If I remember right, Pat or Helk said something about a torch, as in Minecraft-like torch, being made.
I might be wrong though.

It is there for light and crafting, its called a camp fire, in real life people use it to cook food, have warmth and act as a large light source. They wouldn’t go through the trouble of making a lantern when they all ready got everything need from the camp fire they made.

If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all.

What are you on about I praised him then as it was a idea I passed my opinion on it, what is your problem with my post? I could also say the same thing to you as your post had no relevance to the original posters comment.

You took a shit on his post by saying that because we have campfires, we don’t need anything else to light up the enviroment.

I don’t recall me shitting on his post I was just saying that the camp fire is there as a light source and a smelting item. Are you ok, are you a tad angry about something, awww its ok. I’ll go get your bottle for you.

Sure, i’ll shove it up your eyesocket.
Edit : a fireplace already does that, therefore you do not seem to like the idea and do not want it to get implemented

Hahaha, oh someone is angry, but yeah sure because there is already a light source that does that and in his original post he said nothing about it being a object that you could carry around with you, BUT only to place on walls or on top of boxes. If you could carry it around with you then sure, it MIGHT be a addition to the game but no, I replied to his original post with my opinion of it and that is there is already a object in-game that basically does the same thing but HAS multiple uses with it as well not just one use.

You voting me dumb proved that you are butthurt. :v: