Suggestion: Lanterns

I just played Rust for the first time today, and I must say that I am positively surprised to be able to play for >10hours max in alpha :wink:

The only thing which could make it even better for me (and a lot of others) would be lanterns:
Crafted with fuel and metal fragments
Attachable to pillars and walls
(and which use very little, or no fuel at all)

Keeping a (big) house lit with only campfires is rather uneffective and consumes way too much fuel IMO.

I’d be really happy to see this in one of the coming patches :slight_smile:

yep, that’s probably in my top 5 wanted things…

we usually light with flares, but that’s just stupid, makes noise, and have short duration…

even when is daylight inside house is too dark… really annoying…

don’t know how much performance impact lighting and lighting sources have, i suppose pretty big as it is really easy to put ingame some way of light in house, so probably they don’t bother yet untill they get core game perform better…

Lanterns or candles would be great addition to rust. I would love to be able to light up my home and build a trail of light either for finding my way home or for luring enemies to a unsuspecting trap!

I would enjoy seeing new spawns coming up to a illuminated house in the middle of the night and asking for help. I would open up my door on the second level and toss down some food, tools and other basic supplies.

Another idea to expand on this would be able to make chinese lanterns with a candle, some paper, or cloth. You could use it as a old fashioned signal or flare that can be easily seen in the sky for several minutes.

Pretty good Idea.
Especially since my friends and I like to play on PVE Servers as well, and having a huge house filled with Fireplaces is just too tedious.

I hope they add this, as many people ask for it.
Perhaps a way to use the tons of charcoal as some slow burning fuel, if there is any fuel at all for them.

I also suggest having them implement a bridge feature to connect other buildings or easy access to different places between mountains n such.

I reckon with the lights, that they should implement sconces. the idea is, you take a small amount of metal fragments (like 10 - 15) and craft a sconce, which you can then affix to any wall or flattish surface. they should have dual slots so you can put 2 torches in them, then turn them on when you need to. the Sconce will stay lit until it burns through whatever torch it is loaded with at the normal rate.

I thin this is a good idea as i’m sure everyone has a box in the outer ring of their base loaded with torches and rocks from re-spawning. they should be put to better use!