[Suggestion] Learning Blueprints and Researching.

After seeing this recent thread about not allowing people to study blue prints etc… http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1319313

I came up with an idea that might work the best (I think)

People tend to go kill Zombies and go to ‘Rad Area’s’ to find some blue prints to learn and most of the time they go Nude. This is because people tend not to live by these area’s so all they do is hit F1 type suicide continuously until they get to there desired location or get the desired blue print.

What i propose is…

When you craft something you get a crafting time and it says you’re crafting in the bottom right corner. I suggest we do the same thing with studying however, you don’t get any penalty’s like slow running etc… you continue as normal. But if you die by studying or log out you stop studying the blue print. This will force people to stop studying really quickly, then hit F1 Suicide to get back to there base. Losing nothing but gaining extra blue print.

This will force people to think twice about studying there blue print in potentially a dangerous area and taking him back to the safety of your home to study. It will also stop people just hitting F1 then Suicide to get to these area’s for blue prints. Forcing people to actually travel the map.

The study time would depend on the tier of the blueprint I.e Large storage box = 30 secs study time. Shotgun = 1-2 minutes study time. Explosives = 4-6 minutes study time.

When i say study i mean both researching and studying.

What do you think?