[Suggestion] Lighting

I think rust needs lighting for the houses.

Torches for walls, laterns or some sort of lamp that you can hang up or place on a stand.
Could be fueled by low grade fuel (but only a small amount) and allow it to emit not a bright light but a decent glow atleast.

I disagree, I personally, if I got mad at someone would run up and torch the fuck out of their house and they would be a raid target essentially. lol

They already talked about adding electricity didn’t they?

any type of light at night if ur not in a 10+ clan means bend over and take it. i never run any type of light at night cuz ur a easy target

So let’s not have it ingame. In fact, disable weapons too.

I hope they don’t add electricity

I’m thinking homemade generators that require fuel to work. Maybe electricity would then be sent out to all foundations connected to the foundation with the generator on it, and you could then put lamps around.

Maybe even spotlights to blind raiders?

I really want lanterns and lantern oil, personally. An upgrade to that will be LED lanterns that can be recharged with generators and other things. Lantern oil can be crafted and is easy to get, but large recharging batteries found etc.

The benefit of oil is that it lasts longer, can help start a fire, as well as easily found. But LED will be far brighter, and batteries are harder to find, but can be recharged and stored. One tin of oil lasts almost as long as 1 battery (12 in game hours for oil in small oil lantern, 14 for battery or large storage lantern)

Torches, hella easy to make and you could use them to light zombies on fire, but are very generic light sources.

Flashlights, obviously, many sizes with different batteries, as well as rechargeable batteries.

Then light bulbs that break every 12-16 ic days, etc.