[Suggestion] Locks and Lock Picks

I think it would be cool to have a crafting recipe that makes a lock to put on boxes. To keep your items more secure.

There would be different levels of security of the locks depending on what items you use to make it.

But to bring some more realism, lock picks could also be added to steal the items. Maybe add a little mini game to unlock it? The “game” would be harder to pick for people with the more higher levels of protection.

What do you all think?

Keep the axe… Make it 200 hits to break down a door… Thats the best!!

Maybe a vault that took like 1000 metal fragments to craft! It dose have a 4 digit combination lock on it. So your friends can go in it, but people can guess the 4 digits (or lock pick it)

Would seem more logical to just make locks instead of beating a door for ages.

4 digit lock is to easy to get by, just sitt and click for a while, same princip as chopping :stuck_out_tongue:

make metal door impossible to chopp down, add 6 didgit combo lock or password up to 10 letters.
and make a key hole that can be lockpicked :smiley: (like in fallout or something)

and there would be differnt level on the locks how hard they be to lockpick.

Thennnnn the map gets wiped and you just lost 1000 metal fragments worth of supplies.

It should be 200-300 metal fragments. Not too hard to get, it would make you choose between weapons or safe keeping.

It would still be fun to whack at something for ages like some people would do anyway xD