Suggestion: Loot lost at death now only a percentage of your total loot

I have played for a few days now and I have died many times. A solution I came up with is that each time you die, you drop a percentage of your total loot.

To explain, I can generally get to the point of having a house with a door, campfire, a wood storage box, and some food. At this point, I generally have other obligations. So, I log out, and when I come back I see I have randomly spawned with nothing that I worked for. So my suggestion is that once I log out, the loot potential I have will reduce. For items on person, I would lose 75%, for items in the wooden box, only 50%. I think this would help the new players by allowing them some more items at spawn, while allowing the veteran players a reward for raiding.

Any thoughts?

Respectfully, Ludacris007


When killed in sleeper mode, lose only 75% of items on body, and 50% of items in wooden boxes.

Well if you don’t lose all of your loot, it will take away from the whole survival aspect of the game in my own opinion.

So when you die, you shouldn’t be able to respawn either, right?

Here’s my suggestion: Upon death, your corpse disappears after a certain amount of time (i.e. 10 seconds). So when you loot, better have room in your inventory and be near your victim.

I have died and and come back to my corpse and found that all my items I had before is not there. It hadn’t been looted unless someone didn’t want all my planks and metal and just took 2 large storage boxes but not the third

I think the sleeper system is there to force agressive play, if you want to progress then only practical way is to murder all around you.
I think a % adjustment system will just prolong the ordeal for the victims as eventually they will have to play in kind to get on in the game.
Am not trying to kill the discussion, I just think the inevitable result will be the same.

Sleepers system does not force agressive play, players do. You always got the choice if you gather materials and blueprints yourself and trade or if you go and raid or kill someone else to get stuff.

It always comes to one end. The players choose how to play, sadly most players choose kos.

I think all knowledge should be lost when you die.

You’re right - most players choose KoS. I believe the reasoning is that some players choose KoS, which ups the paranoia level of more players, causing them to just kill anyone they come up to out of fear that they’ll get attacked and lose everything. It’s more of a reactionary thing to others’ playstyles.

In my opinion, when you die, you lose everything (assuming you don’t have a sleeping bag). With a % adjustment system your “gather time” would be reduced. Which I do not find interesting. Raiding eachother is a vital part of the game, and will still be rewarded. If a % adjustment system is implemented, then other players will be more equal to eachother. In theory, this system would NOT just make the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.