[SUGGESTION] Make a new Lock Tier ( Default Blueprint ) Called Combination Pad-Lock or Combo Lock

A new Lock Blueprint, that is default for everyone: The Combination Pad-Lock or Combo Lock.

This lock take 100 Metal to make.

This lock is like the code-lock, variations that the devs can explore with this lock are listed below:

  1. The lock when crafted tells its crafter a random combination that this lock must use to unlock. ( IE You cannot choose the combination )


  1. You can change the lock combo but you must be the placer.

  2. The lock combo can be changed but the combo can only consist of numbers 1-5 ( also the combo can only be changed by the placer )

What does this do? It keeps the terrible key system for people who want to RP a jail or have a gate keeper but it lets people who are starting out use a form of combo lock that is not quite it’s Codelock Equal but still will be of use until you find a codelock BP.

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EDIT: PS Garry nobody wants to make keys for the many doors that houses have, it’s a terrible system and only useful for rpers or gate keepers ( but even gate keepers prefer a code-lock )

The combination lock idea has been brought up time and time again. It’s a great idea, because it accomplishes the same thing as the code lock but in a more plausible fashion.