Suggestion: Make bows and arrows actually have sounds that people can hear.

Suggestion: Make bows and arrows actually have sounds that people can hear.
kinda tired of getting randomly killed by an arrow that I can’t hear, I cant hear people knocking or shooting arrows, only the bag touching the ground and it makes a glitchy small almost unhearable sound at that.

Turn your Hearing Aids up

I’m with OP, I’m sick of the glitchy sounds in this game not giving me any clues to how I died.

I also noticed many AI do not have propper/glitched sounds. I can’t hear bears/wolves especially when they are attacking.

And my headset is a brand new $150 logitech headset I know for a fact it isn’t the problem.

I can hear arrows hitting things. -thwip & thwump-
I can hear bears and wolves. -charging and growling-
I can hear bullets hitting things. -thack & tink-

It’s something on your end, sir.

And my headset is a shitty 2 year old $40 Logitech headset.

I can hear stuff. Bears, wolves, deer, and arrows.

I have no issues with my headset and I certainly have trouble hearing wolves sometimes. Often I don’t hear them until it’s giving me their attack sound and I also find that they sound far too similar to deer for me to differentiate. Their attack animation, where they seem to lunge at you from miles away is also rather frustrating.

It is likely positional audio. Try checking that you’re not using quadrophonic speaker set up when using stereo headphones or vice-versa.

I also hear everything. Arrows flying past me is one of those things I never miss. Some things I’d rather not hear, like those damn exploding walls.