[Suggestion] Make decay delay / rate adjustable by server

I think there’s an easy way to strike a balance between people who want to build large, elaborate structures and people who don’t want to see a server littered with abandoned / raided bases:

Introduce a server.decaystart x console command. “x” is the time until decay starts to set into a structure. This could be seconds since they last went through the door of a building that contains a “friendly” tool cupboard, or something similar. Then, add a server.decayrate x console command. “x” is the hit points that degrade per second / minute / whatever. This would establish how fast the structure decayed once the decay process started.

The end result is that you get buildings that stand on their own for a certain while, then start to decay. Casual players who don’t spend every hour of every day on the server get a chance to have their little 2x2 hut survive a few days without constant attention, hardcore gamers can build their “artistic” structures, and admins don’t have to contend with servers overflowing with abandoned bases. Everyone wins.

pretty sure it’s guaranteed to be that way eventually. right now the default setting just needs testing:)