I’ve just come up of an idea of introducing a possibility to destroy a pumpjack by setting it on fire.


  1. Explosive/Incediary bullets would have extremely low possibility to set the pumpjack on fire.
  2. High possibility for an incendiary rocket and flamethrower.


A huge fire, a lot of smoke, burning at least for 10 minutes would attract attention and just look awesome. Building a new pumpjack should be impossible on the same spot afterwards.
Smaller groups could also use it to slow down bigger group’s resources income (guerilla tactics).

Could be fun :slight_smile:

I haven’t had time to play more than an hour a week for a long while now… what are the costs for the pumpjacks compared to the weapons that can destroy them? If it’s too lopsided, the owner’s of the pumps would probably hate it.

Just saw this picture while browsing the news and immediately though of this thread.


well, pumpjacks are made from steel, and steel doesnt burn…

i like the idea of setting things on fire though…what about a simple flamethrower? that would be cool!

Steel often melts at around 1370 degrees C (2500°F).

It’s not the steel to burn, first the oil fumes catch fire micro-leaks of the gas whilst the machine is working. I believe that would be very easy especially with low quality, rusty pumjacks.

So that even incendiary ammo could cause fire (as noone is actually using it now, except for the bullets you find from helicopter crates).

Oil fire that burns for days.