Suggestion: Make high tier guns only craftable at a "crafting table" at a landmark

So as rust has progressed, there have been two noticeable issues.

Firstly, late game gets boring
Secondly, high tier weapons/armour are coming too quickly.

To curb the volume of aks/bolties on the server, they should be more difficult to make. How, in my opinion, is by making them only craftable at “crafting tables” at major landmarks like the airfield/dome.

This will make it risky, as it will be out in the open. It will also make landmarks even busier, making them really intense and exciting to venture too. The landmarks are generally so busy that even large clans will struggle to maintain control, making the whole situation interesting.


I like the idea but maybe instead of landmarks make the required crafting table only available as a drop from heli? Of course this means you would have to leave guns such as the custom SMG and Thompson available to craft so that the battle with the helicopter is POSSIBLE

The crafting table idea at a landmark is a good one. The new dungeons would be good places for them, or the sat dish, or the light house. Get more use out of the existing landmarks. It would force players to get out of their house and take risks.

I don’t like drops from the plane or the heli. The competition is very fierce and it just ensures that the strongest players on the server keep all the others down.

at landmarks people will just wall them off for themselves. Also I don’t think I’ve ever actually crafted an ak or bolty for myself because I get so many from landmarks. Only ones i really craft are shotguns and rocket launchers

Increase the external walls radius drastically, the airfield is massive people wont be able to

wood walls are really cheap and once you get a few quarries going so is stone. Each wall takes 10 secs to craft. Degradation being messed up is the only reason it’s hassle to maintain. With a few hatchets on an unmodded server it would probably only take an hour or 2 to get enough wood to fence off the entire airfield.

You can chop through a wood fence in about 7 or 8 minutes. It is no big deal. And it would decay, since upkeep would be impossible.

Also, the no-build zone around the airport is huge. Probably the high stone walls should be made more expensive.

They are more expensive, even on modded servers you can make the c4 to get through layers of them faster than you can layer them up