Suggestion: Make Items/Walls Moveable?

Ok so I think you should be able to move items where you have build permission. i.e. within range of a cupboard… but with a significant resource cost. maybe even higher than the original cost of placement. for gameplay reasons.

You shouldn’t be able to do it when you don’t have permission (i.e. in the open) or where it is prohibited. Maybe make it so an item takes time to become moveable after you request it. So … you go to your tool cabinet, request move permission, then come back half an hour later and it can be moved providing no one else with building permission in the area cancelled it.

I am guessing there are good reasons why this isn’t allowed, e.g. easy base destruction by raiders, but surely there is a way it could be make workable. I haven’t used modded servers before and understand it’s available. How does it work there? What are the issues?

Why not just allow it for free? If I can place an item, I surely have the strength to move it around.

you could also salvage items of bases that you raided, I support that idea. Or random walls which are everywhere on the map right now

So you just take a cupboard and move 10 floors of walls between you and loot out? What a wanderfull idea :goodjob:

No i was talking about placeable items like High External walls/furnaces/chests and such.

Ok, you go outside and try lifting up a concrete barricade on a high way, and then maybe ask your self how realistic this is.

It would be a cool idea, but if someone gets build perms, then you are raided at the flick of the switch.

Would rather be able to move crates, shelves, tables, lanterns and such.

You can pick up doors and locks so why not everything else it only makes sense to be able to move items like boxes shelves lanterns barricades furnaces chests… bla bla bla

i support the idea it would make things a lot easier

Yeah and the map wouldnt be filled with a lot of random stuff floating around, since everyone would pickup stuff rather crafting it.

correct and players would think twice about randomly putting up that high stone wall or furnace they found in a barrel because it would be like giving it to the enemy lol

  1. If people can get to your tool cupboard, you’re more or less screwed anyway. So say they remove the one last wall that’s preventing them getting access? If you have brains you’ll have a cupboard with higher priority further up the building anyway and take measures to stop them building up.

b) the idea behind some sort of delay or timer was to give people chance to react even when an invader has building rights - maybe it should be longer than 30 mins?