Suggestion:Make weapons visable

Simply, as a naked I get killed quite often. Not because I have stuff. Not because i’m doing anything, but because people fear I’m just impersonating a naked, and that I really have an AK shoved up my ass. I think we can all agree its also odd to just pull spears, rockets, and other such objects from thin air. SO, my suggestion is to give weapons a rating, and whatever is highest-rated in your inventory appears on your person. So, a naked who is unarmed, will obviously be unarmed. If you spy an AK on his back… somethings up. For sneakier types, who want to still play betrayer, I was also thinking small arms (revolver, pistol, dagger) can be concealed as long as you have foot,leg,or torso armor. (yes, shoe-holsters are a thing) this gives a nice break to those just starting out. gives them a chance to play politically, without fear of getting shot 99.9% of the time when they approach for a conversation.


  1. Strongest weapon in inventory shown on-person (on back for large, on hip for small)

  2. Small weapons can be concealed if wearing boots, pants, or shirt/jacket for spy/betrayal style gameplay.

Questions? Criticism? Comments? Berating?

As far as I can tell, that’s a great idea! I’d love to see them implement this sort of indicator, and it also makes the game feel much smoother/realistic. Obviously this would take a decent amount of effort to implement, what with animations and client-server relations, but I think it would be worth it.

Don’t the animations already show them reaching behind their back for stuff? I would think it just needs to have the weapon on their back (treated like an extra clothing layer) whenever the strongest weapon isn’t currently equipped.

hi, I just posted something similar ^^ (if you are interessted to read)

I also think it would be great to see if someone is armed or not, but I don`t think you should display whats in the inventory but rather what is equiped in the actionbar.

and to the implementation effort, most of this would probably be figuring out how to display thoes items on the character, make them move with the character and not clip thorugh arms/legs etc and make it not look like you really got that ak stuck up your arse^^

the issue comes in when you are armed to the teeth like DOOM. Displaying a rifle, or sword on your back is fairly easy. but trying to fit a sword, a mace, 3 guns, and a spear, along with 2 sidearms and a hatchet starts to look ridiculous. Also, displaying the hotbar doesn’t help the trust issue. i could be hiding one in my inventory, and swap it out while your back is turned, or gathering wood.

So, just having your most dangerous weapon on display helps gauge the threat. they have a hatchet? oh well. a spear? still not afraid. a bow? …if he swaps it out…an AK? nope. he shady as hell.

I also mention concealment with clothes, because some people like to play deception. And that’s fine. I just dont want to spawn, run around, KOS repeat. untill i find a lucky safe-spot. and i figure you get about as much trust as a naked now, as you would wearing pants, should this idea be used, as i described earlier.

On my server the russians killed me to look into my stuff and then revived me. Simple!

I would rather make it to be able to see every stuff, but you can take it anywhere on your body like some stick-note. So you can tactically hide your ak in a position they wont see if they dont look closely.

well you only got 6 slots so you are limited with what you arme yourself. But I get your point.
the reason why I am against displaying your inventory is, say you found a neat weapon, AK or so, but no ammo, and now you are back to store that thing until you realy can use it. If this ak is now displayed simply becaus you have it, you may just become a target for someone who wants your ak ^^

and that people can still switch their weapons from inventory to action bar would be still a problem but It takes a bit of a time, and when this switch is maybe paired with some animation & sounds you may notice it in time.

And no mechanic can prevent people from playing deception. If someone wants to do that, he can and will do it, but it should be harder to backstab someone like that

Currently, you are a target, regardless of what you have in your inventory. Should that AK be displayed, if anything, it’ll make you less of a target, as nakeds will be too afraid to approach you. Everyone else will treat you the same as they treat nakeds now, and kill you in self-defence, or for fun.

Unfortunately, i see situations, where someone trusts an unarmed guy, goes back to mining, the naked runs behind a building, and comes back, guns-a-blazin. then that guy is paranoid of nakeds again.

I dont think it makes deception harder. as it is. no one trusts a naked. if implemented, no one will trust a man with pants. and they will still be able to conceal a pistol.

Just show the biggest gun on the character. It should be pretty easy to figure out which gun to display if you have multiple. Just show the largest gun on your hotbar, and only show a melee weapon if you have no guns. If you have guns in your inventory, the largest gun should be on your back - since you are carrying around a gun.

Or have all the weapons on your back and be a lag machine like this

A concealment feature would actually be a very good reason to use the revolver, semi-auto pistol, or eoka, more often than larger rifles and sub-machine guns all the time. That would make anything larger than pistols more of a raiding tool rather than a personal defense weapon.

Everything in your hot-bar should show up on your body.
You should also have to have a backpack or equipped pouches to have inventory slots.

I think picking the biggest gun in your inventory is a bad solution for a problem that isn’t really a problem. In a WROL world, you cannot and should not trust anyone.

I don’t think “everything on the hotbar” is the proper solution, but how about displaying 1-2 guns on your back (if they’re on the hotbar) and 1-2 melee tools/weapons on your side belt, and a medkit on your back belt. This way your character looks decked out, plus he displays a fairly accurate representation of what he’s carrying around, and it doesn’t have the negative effect of making you look like a freaking pack mule because you have a bar full of assorted guns like that hilarious GTA picture.

I disagree heavily. This game pretty much centered around forming clans. Surviving alone is ten times harder than within a group. Especially with these new structures that need to be out in the open. Essentially a come-raid-me beacon. And i would like the ability to walk up to someone, say hey, offer to help, build some trust and join them. Instead of surfing clan recruit forums… Then finding out they are douches ingame. As it is, friendly conversations are sparse. And weird as it is, for the sake of immersion, i like to team up in game rather than in forums.

I think that if you have 1+ rifles, it should show on your back, if you have any pistols, one of them should show on the hip and so on. So that people know you’re armed if you have guns. If you have pants or a jacket you could conceal pistols and knives but stuff like shotguns(maybe except pipe) and rifles should be visible at all times.

Actually, it would be cool if short variants of weapons could be included, like a “sawed-off” shotgun or an obrez mosin-nagant

I also don’t think you should be physically capable of carrying two assault rifles, twenty grenades, a rocket launcher, an smg, a pistol or two, some c4, and enough wood/stone/steel to build a house. The addition of vehicles, item weight, and carry weight will be much appreciated changes that I am very excited for.

Completely agree with this.

well, its the old argument of fun v reality. I mean, its ridiculous to haul an entire tree in your pockets … but im sure most players will bail out the day you have to make the realistic 10-20 trips needed to turn a tree into a single wall.

If you are in a clan, and raiding, you should be able to carry backups for your buddies. and carrying 10 rifles is quite possible, if not awkward. … but don’t, you’ll scratch them up.

At the average weight of a rifle being 10 lbs loaded, x10 that’s 100 lbs on your back. Good luck approaching a fast walk let alone a sprint.