[Suggestion] Making things better for solo players

Whether or not you agree that the game is too difficult for solo players to get a good experience out of, here’s a suggestion that might help if the general consensus is that this is indeed true.

My suggestion is basically; increase map complexity/diversity, more random mountain passes, tricky places, hidden caves, etc.

Why does this suit lone wolf playstyle?

  • In order to hide your base it’s crucial that your base isn’t too big, some hidden places are quite small so you can’t really expand. Small bases cost less and will be more affordable for solo players.
  • Shaking off groups of enemies. I lost count of how often I’ve lost groups of 5 or higher in Rust Legacy just by knowing the terrain well and making use of all the spots where I could run/jump/crouch through to shake off my stalkers.
  • Stalking prey. This is hard if there’s no terrain to hide in. I loved stalking people for hours and then getting my well deserved unexpected kill on them but it’s quite tough in the new Rust because there’s really no way to stalk people without them spotting you almost instantly.

I don’t know if map complexity/diversity and all that is still in the workings, if more of that is coming or not so I thought I’d put it out there. Also, everyone is talking about raiding/building balance shifts to make things easier for solo players and I don’t think this is the way to go about that. I think there should be a different playstyle that’s viable for solo players to get a good experience in the game.

I can take critique pretty well so let me know why you agree or disagree or if I’m stating the obvious and this kind of thing is already in the workings, just not there yet.

I think the player collision thing is gonna help slim down the groups more than people realize. Nothing pisses me off more than not being able to quickly get from point A to point B in my own base.

They’re just going to build wider.

Stalking is something I’d love to see more support for. Right now it’s indeed really hard to pull off as zones are mostly flat and nights do not conceal any more. Creeping around unsuspecting people during the night is really fun.

I think this is coming down the line as the terrain generator continues to improve. Greater terrain variation has massively positive implications for everyone – just look at how much the most recent changes have improved gameplay. Just a few months ago Rust was gently rolling terrain with the occasional hill; today it’s got valleys and crevices and other goodies. I always like building my 1x4 in a ditch somewhere, then slowly building up armored layers on top to protect against C4 drops. Give me a wider array of variants, and life just gets better and better.

This also boosts the evasion gameplay that solo players need to adopt.

True! I started playing again after the maps got more interesting, it’s definitely a huge huge factor to how fun the gameplay is.

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Hahaha that actually sounds pretty hilarious. Some AFK guy in your group blocking the stairs :’)

Now that we’ll have footprints in grass, solo actions like tracking and hunting will become more important.

Great point mate … great !!

Has anyone used collision to block people trying to rush through doorways?