[Suggestion] Melee Fight

What would be cool to have: parries, hold attack to load a better strike, the chance to throw a spear, punches and kicks combinations, shields, charging with a shield to push enemies, harpoons to pull enemies; variations to movement speed based on gear and weapons; blunt weapons may stun/slow based on damage dealt; speed reduction based on bleed % (the higher the slower); a pletora of new sharp, perforating, blunting weapons to add variety useing the already existing attack animations. And please let the medikit require animation on use.

i think these things are important and should be implemented, nobody else cares at all?

They probably will be implemented, just not yet as their not a high priority.

Throwable weapons has been confirmed. Most of the rest of it is only logical. Low priority means you won’t be seeing it for a while.

Mount and blade mechanics or nothing.

A metal shield to resist bullets would be more than fkin cool.

Hell yeah MnB had the best mechanics for that type of melee.
I think Barrels cut in half top to bottom covered with Kevlar Material would make great shields their could be 3 tiers to them which would be according to how many layers of Barrel and Kevlar is used, the bottom plate could be removed (or kept so that the player could place the shield on the ground for protection if they need to put a bandage on etc) and the top plate would be hammered into a half dome to allow more head room. A hole would be cut into the shield to allow a gun to point out.

Fuck that, lets go full Dark Messiah melee combat.

Would be cool if there were tiers of shields as well. Wood would block melee and weapons, metal would block small caliber guns that use the pistol ammo, and armored would block everything except explosives.

Actually a portable explosion blocker would be really useful

Best melee combat is chivlary’s by far, it’s the most dynamic out of them all and has a huge skill cap but I think they will add something basic more like left click, right click and some form of kick

All could be done with two clicks; set a button for parry, for example “C”; when pressing C your char simply perform frontal blocking animation, C + L click gives Left Side Blocking, C + R click gives Right Side Blocking. This way people can’t attack while blocking, which is balanced.

Other examples:

Useing an Axe*, left click is classic frontal attack, right click is right side blow.
Useing a Spear, classic piercing attack, right click switch to ranged mode, left click throw spear.
Useing a Dagger, left click is piercing/slashing attack, right click is stab attack

  • or any other weapon, one handed or two handed.

To add other variants to the skill cap:

Hold Attack to charge a better hit.