Suggestion: MMO-ish Faction PVP Game Mode!!

DISCLAIMER: Im not saying existing servers should be changed, im says new servers with a different gamemode should be added kinda like what H1Z1 does with Battle Royal but Faction based and lasting a month or two.

It would be interesting to see servers with more of a MMO feel while maintaining PVP Survival aspects though a 4 faction system that can control territory (kinda like planetside’s meta but more about skrimishes and survival than being dedicated full scale war and territorial control). There would still be things like full loot and other survival features, while features akin to an mmo like Ultima Online would be added for people who lead busy lives and dont have enormous amounts of uninterrupted time to play Rust and maintain their base.

The game mode can run for 2 months before the server is reset (players would not lose known blueprints or anything contained in their home including their home itself). Once the server is reset, small territories would be randomly generated as a starting point for each faction before territorial expansion can begin. New players will spawn somewhere in their faction’s controlled territory. Considering the size of Rust’s map, Factions will be unable to conquer the whole map considering it would require enormous amounts of players, planning and resources. This allows for a more realistic depiction of skirmishes between factions spread out between miles of unclaimed territory.

Player housing should be undestroyable. The Tool Cupboard should start out as level 1 of 4 upgradable stages. Level one would allow for undestoyable player housing, but the smallest raidial space to build in, while still having the 50 meters of unbuildable space to other players to deter griefing (kinda like the shape of a donut, small area to build in the center, while maintaining the area around the center for unbuildable space for other players). Decay on player housing could be avoided by logging into the server at least once every 3 days

Player housing (lvl 1 cupboard) could be abandoned or saved as an unlootable item, containing the player’s home to be placed in another location. Players can only own one level 1 housing cupboard, yet are allowed to build multiple level 2 cupboard and upgrade them to levels 3 and 4.
(Sidenote: Level 1 cupboards would not be allowed within the BUILDING radius of any other level cupboard to prevent an impenetrable Base, Fort or Stronghold core)

Tool Cupboards that are level 2, (Base),3 (Fort), and 4 (Stronghold) remove the invulnerability of the structure yet adds regular decay and more radial space to build on while expanding the unbuildable space to simulate Faction territory. Same faction players can build level 1,2 and 3 on faction territory, while Strongholds would be used to claim land for faction territorial expansion into overtaken or unclaimed land before lower level cupboards can be built within said territory. (Sidenote: level 1 Cupboards can be built on unclaimed and faction controlled territory. level 1 cupboards for housing cannot be placed in enemy territory and also would return to the player’s inventory should territory containing the player’s home be captured. Level 1 tool cupboards do not expand the faction territory.)

Survival PVP would be maintained against other factions (including subfaction clans of your own faction should they Flag themselves for pvp against their own faction, which has a cooldown of 1hr before players can de-flag (This would be used for same faction rivalry between 2 player run clans for example). Also attempting to attack a member of your own faction while not flagged for same-faction pvp would result in reflective damage.

The ability to leave one faction for another could be an option too, with an added cool down timer of 48 hrs. (The players home is returned to his inventory automatically upon leaving the faction if contained within said faction territory, and an option should be available regardless upon leaving the faction in case the players home is just outside faction territory)

Obviously there would have to be active moderators to prevent griefers within the same faction.

Including this game mode would draw in HUGE CROWDS of players like me who dont have hours and hours to spend playing Rust, while still maintaining a full time job and fulfilling family obligations. Please consider my idea. Its a million dollar idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Or you know, you could actually play a game like that…

Nothing like what i suggested exists, especially if created into a game mode for Rust. Unifying casual and solo Rust players with a game mode that allows for factions takes alot of the headache out of finding people to play with. This also streamlines the meta of Rust and allows for housing permanence so players can log in every other day without worrying about getting raided.

>Gather Resources>Craft/Build Home>Group with fellow Faction members/ Build Territory expanding structures> Go off to wreak havoc on enemy factions

I love Rust, but there are times when i want to play Rust in a more team or faction oriented way. Adding rulesets that group players together and create conflict would make the game even better.

You should check out Rust Factions. It’s an RP server that focuses on civilized, faction gameplay.