Suggestion - Mobile Integration

Hey Facepunch Devs & Fellow Rock-Bearing Savages,

I’ve got an idea regarding potential mobile integration that could be fun, but I’m unsure of the amount of work required to get something like this off the ground and am, of course, aware of a very busy existing schedule of priorities & content pushes.

That said, anyone who’s played Rust for a respectable amount of time knows that there’s no worse feeling than logging back into your favorite server - after having spent long hours gathering resources, building up a nice base, stashing loot - to find the walls blown off and everything gone. All that hard work! Alas, this is part of Rust, but is nonetheless one of the most frustrating things to get through and I believe many players give up after a couple times (RIP retention).

Going beyond building confusing layouts, dummy rooms, and excessive layers, there ought to be additional deterrents to raiders that make them evaluate their strategy when hitting a base. Therefore, I propose to you all… drumroll SECURITY SYSTEMS!

These would be something you install on your base, and would monitor a given radius around your base perimeter. Here’s where the mobile integration comes in. When the system senses an intruder, if you’re logged into the server it will alert you that users not authorized for your base are within the premises. If you’re NOT logged in, your Rust app installed on your smartphone (this would need to be developed, perhaps utilizing a Steam link) would alert you via push notification.

“But d4rth, that’s useless, what the hell are you supposed to do if you can’t just rush home and log on!?” Good question, and this is where I hope the fun comes in (thereby creating more strategy for the raiders). As an addition to the security system, you can install defensive measures around the exterior. How about a pen of Africanized Honey Bees? Pens of wolves and/or bears? Outward-facing hidden arrow-launchers? The possibilities could go on and on. Once installed, these could be activated inside your base or via push notifications once you’re alerted of intruders. So, I’m sitting in class or in a meeting and find out from my Rust app that intruders are scoping out my base. My notification says “INTRUDERS on the west side of your base! How do you wish to proceed - ‘1 - Killer Bees’ ‘2 - Bears’ ‘3 - Wolves’ ‘4 - Release all’”. Another option could be a loudspeaker utilizing either a text-to-speech playback feature or potentially linking VOIP when activated. If sending a message via phone, a voice recording feature could be implemented and sending the sound bit to the server for playback.

“OK d4rth, this sounds sort of interesting, but how would you know which pen to release?” Another good question! Sensors could be installed on the exterior to provide directional awareness, and these could be communicated via alerts both in-game and the push notifications from the app. This could also provide potential for security cameras to be installed, to which you could add upgradeable protective boxes to the cameras (wood, stone, sheet-metal, armored). These could snap continual photos, and the stream of photos taken under duress could be viewed from within the base or on your Rust app.

Of course, the system has its limits and would need to be tested, but could be an interesting and fun addition to Rust while utilizing mobile integration that has largely gone untapped (or is inefficiently used) in gaming. Any suggestions/improvements/feedback are welcome.


This all sounds very complicated…

I think it says something on the “mind map” about adding push notifications to an app that would go off if a loud noise goes off near your sleeping body though.

Yes complicated indeed, definitely a huge caveat. However, something notifying you of noises near your body is similar tech. I’d argue that if that’s on the mind map, they ought to go a step further with something like my proposal since if there’s a noise near your sleeping body it’s likely too late to do anything. Defense mechanisms would be a later iteration for sure, but I provided a bunch of additions just to draw out the idea.

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I’d also add that mobile integration could be a cool way to introduce things like message boards that can be put up I’m bases so you can leave notes for your friends. These could be viewed/edited from the mobile app. Or some sort of PM platform, but then again you could just use Steam mobile for that lol.

My question would be how this fits in with the otherwise technologically barren world of Rust. I guess I could see motion detectors being found in crates, which would provide line-of-sight protection (ie, can’t “see” through walls), but even a basic infrared motion detector is far beyond what can be plausibly constructed by hand.

I’d rather see more / better traps.

Also a great point. Although I do believe there were notes in the most recent developments blog about lighting fixtures moving towards electricity versus the candle/fuel versions. Or maybe that was only in regards to design appearance and not a subtle hint to the possibility of electricity :dance:

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See Megan’s update notes.

Also, teeeeechnically Code Locks would fall under an electrical component, and there’s no explanation behind what powers them, really. I agree that security cameras would fall under the “probably out of the Rust scope” category, but setting up a system that can detect intruders (even if it’s by tripwires) that’s linked to traps shouldn’t be too far out of the scope. There’s also cameras in the game, so perhaps a trap is linked to take a snap of who/what you captured. Then maybe you could display that picture as a poster on your walls as a testimony to what happens to people who mess with your base :stuck_out_tongue:

Even better, get a picture of them upside-down with their foot strung up in a rope as they’re being stung to death by a swarm of bees.

In essence, I agree that more advanced traps would be a lot more fun. It would just be nice to have a way to alert you (whether in-game or via mobile) when something’s been tripped or someone’s been caught, and then have a way for you to perform some action off of that alert.

Just a basic circuit going around the room that gets broken once a door/wall has been breached would suffice to activate a siren/camera, i really don’t see something like that being beyond rusts low tech scenario since like you said since we already have electronic code locks.

Agreed. Maybe there’s hope for a guard bear after all. Wall gets breached, alarm goes off, guard bear gets released (or some defense mechanism of your choosing - Temple of Doom giant boulder, anyone?!). I really want Africanized Honey Bees, though. Something about the thought of someone breaching your walls and then running away while screaming with a fading buzz is just so satisfying. I’m sort of a sick person I guess :stuck_out_tongue: