Suggestion: Modular Weapons Suggestion To Help Aid in Pre Existing Skin Integration

Modular weapons would be great for rust It will further diversify approaches and outcomes of gunfights create new ways of obtaining weapons and modifying weapons to get more out of them. However the skinning situation would be weird for existing skins. By this I mean older skin creators may not want to come back to create visually complimentary attachment/part skins for their old accepted skins.

I believe the best workaround for this is:
Unaltered freshly crafted weapons will have the market skins you applied like always, but each part you then add to that base weapon (like the bike seat stock and drum mag) are all standard face punch skinned.
This applies to pre existing skins with uncooperative creators.

’But I want to use my old skin and I don’t like the look of the base game attachment/part skins I’m stuck with!'
You wont be limited to those options as in the future (maybe some not all) skins will be listed in the store as ‘packs’ these packs include the skinned weapon along with attachments/parts that share the theme of the skin. If you get a Whiteout Tommy pack and a Fish Tommy pack in the future from the Rust Item Store you can create combinations like the Fish Drum Mag with the Whiteout Bike seat stock on the pre existing skin the ‘Desert Raiders Tommy’. This will mean people wont be stuck with their favourite skin having a red bike seat stock not complimenting the aesthetic of the base weapon.

This is my first post so I’m not sure if I’ve done this right but if you see this then thanks for reading.

This might be a great idea, maybe not. I don’t personally play Rust, but I know that modular weapons are extremely hard to balance. There will almost always be a superior weapon. This could be fixed by months of playtesting or simply making the superior loadout expensive, but making something expensive would mean that all other load outs using some of the parts, become useless, due to high costs. One example is:

Pipe 3 with body 5 is the superior weapon.
This could be fixed by either balancing out pipe 3 and body 5, possibly causing it not to work with other loadouts, taking years or something else. You could also make pipe 3 and body 5 super expensive, but then the good starter weapons,
Pipe 3 and body 1
Pipe 1 and body 5
Become useless and expensive. This is a problem, and the 2 last solutions is to remove pipe 3 or body 5, or simply hard-coding it so that they don’t work together. That is where the problem comes. The worse weapons can stay bad. This issue can be found in games like tf2 where some loadouts are simply superior, with the exception that those loadouts often take a lot to master. Making it fairly balanced.

I believe this could be a good feature or a bad feature, up to devs.