[SUGGESTION] More official servers in other regions

Hello community,

There is a problem that is well known is many of the games available to play online; they only have servers in North America, Europe, and, maybe, Asia. Player from regions far from these experience bad connection to servers in terms of latency. I would like to request servers in other regions other than those we have, personally South America, but also South Africa,and Middle East. For instance brazilian servers would work, since I know there are probably more than 1k brazilians who bought the game. There are plenty of options to host elsewhere, and many companies did so sucessfully. If you agree with that, please, post here.

I think for a game in Alpha, they already have more servers than are usualy available this early.

I’m sure when third-party hosting becomes available you will get your wish (I doubt official servers will happen there tho)

IMHO :wink:

Yes please, south american server. Bought this game and im having 200 ping in every server

It is nearly impossible to shoot down a guy with a ping of 200. He will be teleporting around when running.

Hmmm … do you know a south american dedicated hosting Provider?

If you do ask, there are some I know in Brazil: