[Suggestion] More realistic locks and keys.

Currently, the system of locks in game is unrealistic in a way that makes them far less secure than they should be. Specifically, it is possible to create a key or change a code to any unlocked lock you come across. I propose this be changed to better represent the way locks and keys function in real life; Namely, that creating new keys or codes should require the existing key or code rather than just an unactivated lock.

Here’s what I propose for mechanical locks:

  1. Remove being able to generate keys from unlocked mechanical locks.
  2. Add the automatic generation of a mechanical key, either when the lock is crafted or when it is placed on a door.
  3. Keep the ability to duplicate keys from existing keys, perhaps later adding the requirement of additional equipment to do so.
  4. Add the ability to craft additional mechanical locks which can be locked/unlocked with an existing key. (Add this as an option to the right-click menu for the key in your inventory). This would allow for multiple doors to be locked or unlocked with the same key.

Here’s what I propose for keycode locks:

  1. Remove being able to change the lock/unlock code on any unlocked door.
  2. Add a prompt to “enter a master code” when the player begins crafting a keycode lock. The master code for the lock is fixed and unchangeable.
  3. Add a “set keycode” option to the right-click menu of keycode lock, which brings up a prompt to enter the master code for the lock. If the correct master code is entered, a prompt will come up to enter the new keycode for the lock, which can then be used to lock or unlock the door.

i agree with the keylock concepts, but not the codelock.

making duplicate keys from an unlocked door would be incredibly hard, but making a duplicate key from the key itself pretty easy. i like the idea of having the lock provide a key on install, and could see it being part of the uninstalled lock model (ie the lockplate with a key sticking out of the keyhole). always been an advocate for making locks conform to a new key in some way.

the code lock i think is a different story. it would be a really basic coding system, and would really just have the one code, not a master and slave code. anyone who has that code should be able to change the code; that’s why you have to be careful who you tell the code to. the strengths being, no key that can be stolen, a code that is relatively hard to steal, and if you feel the code might have been given up to someone, just change the code yourself.

unlike the old legacy metal doors which could only be broken by explosives, if you really have to, you could just bust down the door and build a new one if some troll changes all the locks.

kind of on the same topic, i’d like to be able to change locks too. so you can upgrade a keylocked door to a codelocked one, or just replace a keylock that might have been compromised with a new one.

The three tiers of locks in Rust rightfully reflect the three types of authentication factors:

The mechanical locks act on the “possession factor” (something the user has; namely, a key).
The keycode locks act on the “knowledge factor” (something the user knows; namely, a numerical code).
Garry has also mentioned fingerprint locks, which would act as the “inherence factor” (something the user is)

Another nice thing to add would be one-way variations on the two-way locks. There are a lot of locks that only require keyed entry from one side (usually the side to which the door opens). These locks would be especially nice for interior rooms of the house, because it’s kindof lame to have to keep spare keys indoors to avoid being locked into your own house after you die and respawn.

I hope any biometric locks that get added require you to have a pulse. I keep imagining someone cutting off my fingers and using them to open up a fingerprint scanner. Would be just as bad as keys.

yeah, i’d like doors to have a latch by default, that allows you to lock it from the inside, but not the outside.

I expect Garry will also implement lockpicks for use on keylocks. That way, the three tiers of locks will have different level of vulnerability to “hacking.” Mechanical locks can be picked, keycode locks can have their codes guessed, and biometric locks… well, you’ll just have to break the door down.

If we do have lockpicks, I’d like them to have very low durability; either that or give them a higher probability of breaking when used than of successfully picking the lock when used. That way, a person would likely have to craft multiple lockpicks in order to bypass a single door.

I would like the use of mechanical locks (“something you have”) exclusively, whilst improving the hit points of walls and doors and/or adding tool durability.

Why? Force raiders to kill me to get my key. This is way more realistic and fun: focus on PvP tactics vs. PvE exploitation.

Okay, so let’s assume this were true. At some point, you’re going to have to risk venturing outside the walls of your base. I think it’ safe to assume you will want to lock at least some of the doors behind you on your way out to prevent potential raiders from getting in. In doing so, you have a couple choices for each key if you also want to have a chance of getting back in yourself without breaking down the doors:

(a) bring the key along with you. Every key that you bring with you is a key you risk losing if you die, whether your death is caused by another player, a mob, or environmental hazards. If you are killed by another player, it’s safe to assume they will take whatever keys you had on you at the time. Granted, they may not know which doors the keys open, but if you want to be sure about things, you’re going to have to replace every lock for which you lost the key.
(b) leave the key somewhere on the exterior side of its respective door(s). This is true whether there is one key for each lock, or, as I have proposed, as few as one key to operate every lock. If the keys aren’t on you when you die, you may not have to worry as much about someone else getting them. Still, even if you think you have a good hiding spot, any key that you can access from outside the door is a key that anyone can potentially access from outside the door. If you leave a key somewhere outside the door, you don’t even need to get killed for some other player to grab it, and if they do, you’re stuck having to break down the door again.

Furthermore, whether you choose (a) or (b), you also need to keep spare keys somewhere on the interior side of the doors. If you don’t, you risk being locked inside your own base if you die and try to respawn from your sleeping bag (which most people generally keep somewhere deep inside their house to avoid it being destroyed). This would not be the case if one-way locks were implemented, as I have suggested.