Suggestion - MORE resolutions

like the title saying if the devs add full screen (better FS) so we need more resolutions like 1920X1080 and etc
so what do you think about my suggestion?

there already is fullscreen

Yeah but resolution for not a good screen who almost everybody got! 1980X1080
it just not exist the resolution 1920X1080! in rust

Fullscreen sets for your native resolution.

But the fullscreen will be BETTER if they will add what i said on first

don’t you mean 1920x1080?

When I turn the game to fullscreen, it sets to my native monitor resolution, which is; “1920x1080”.

I’m not sure what the problem in this thread consists of. - I might be misunderstanding something tho.

I think hes playing on a 3 inch monitor that doesnt support the lowest resolution that rust will give in fullscreen.

I think he means his computer is so shit, that it can’t properly render the game well at his native resolution. Running at lower resolution is a pretty standard quickfix for performance issues, and having the option isn’t a bad thing.

I mean maybe rust can give better quilty of gaming in rust if the fullscreen will be better there