[Suggestion] More World Events - Create PVP Hotspots - Create Real Content.

We have an airdrop. This is an example of an event.

Now since the airdrop is gone right when it hits the ground it isn’t a great event. but lets expand on this idea of random/world events.

Here is my suggestion, More Events and event types:

  1. Meteor Shower/Impact ( Can cause damage/destruction, create a new mine-able resource used in rare or higher tech crafts.

  2. Robot/Drone Monster Drops from the sky like an airdrop but you must kill it to get the loot. ( A new AI/Boss that can be killed for new and existing resources and items of a higher tech nature )

  3. Radiation Monster Event, This monster can be a variety of things, and can drop certain loot table. Think Giant Scorpion/Spider, Mutant Gorilla, Praying Mantis, Pack of Mutant Wolves/Alpha Wolf, Werewolf etc anything that might fit really.

  4. Ship Wrecks / Sunken Treasures. ( would be great if we had raft/boats too and didn’t drown in 2 seconds )

  5. Sea Monsters ( Sea Battles =D and sea worthy loot to be had )

  6. Desert Mega Worms / Dune Monsters, Desert Bandits. ( More AI to fight and farm/ fight over )

  7. Small Rad Towns are fine as those radiated farms houses, Large Rad However should be changed to be a military surplus or Army Depot / Tech Labs etc that are either several Floors Deep/Tall with dangerous AI and the Need to wear Rad Armor = a deeper/taller rad depot Run = more potential loot but also much more danger/risk.

Once all the crazy bugs are fixed I highly suggest looking into Making AI that drops loot + these world events This create PVP Hotspots and keeps people out and about to have fun fighting not only eachother but also teaming up to kill bigger badder AI. or kill people killing said AI.

I also will note that we should also look at a system that makes players not simply “learn” blueprints when they find them, force them to take them back to a research table to store/learn them/used them.

Not sure about most of these, but I would absolutely agree that it would be awesome if technological relics washed up onto shore. They could come in the form of boxes, individual items, or decimated segments of ships.

Thank you for copying my formal suggestion of meteors and AI from sky with artifacts… :rock: