SUGGESTION: Moving around the map

The new map and the old as well are so incredibly large that trying to find your friends or some enemies is going to be difficult. I suggest we add mounts and vehicles into the game. A starting mount would obviously be the horse but as rust is an apocalypse game as well maybe add some dune buggy type rides for higher level, they would need to be build out of car parts found in the radioactive areas and need to use fuel, maybe let us use the low grade fuel or let us make a higher grade fuel as well. this will allow for more interesting PvP and movement around the map opening it up to all who dare tread across its surface.

I was initially against the idea of methods of faster travel, but seeing as they are considering putting in rafts for faster water travel, they might as well consider faster land travel too. I don’t think anything motorized should be added however. I am also not too sold on the idea of horses and having to tame them. My ideas are along the lines of a rusty mountain bike for grassland terrain, skis for the snow, and maybe a chain-powered big-wheel kart for the desert. This way you can still have them consume calories to use and not move quite as fast as a motor powered vehicle, but faster than running on foot.

I disagree, enemies WANT to be found, they WANT you to come and fight them so enemies WILL advertise where they are, if no one can find them then who are they going to fight?.

Motorized vehicles??..NO.