[SUGGESTION] Multiple Machine Pistols

In our modern world, several countries have slowly begun to limit access to semi-automatic firearms, and thus have been leading several drug cartels, criminal organizations, and simple militia movements to begin crafting their own patterns of Machine Pistols.
These Machine Pistols which fire a magnitude of handgun cartridges, have become a near embodiment of human innovation, and the failure of regulation to stop human knowledge.
For Rust, I have come to suggest the inclusion of some of these machine pistols that are currently being built in garages and backyards across the world in order to arm criminal organizations, and give a few concepts in the regards of these beautiful weapons.
Starting off, I would like to make something very clear… Every country, every city, every neighborhood, which has someone crafting submachine guns, will genereally have a different design or rather “pattern” for how these submachine guns are built.

This is an image of several Machine Pistols that were manufactured and used in insurgent operations during the First and Second Chechen Wars. As you can see, their is no one design, or practice to explain how these firearms are made. Different gunsmiths, and different groups have different SMG Patterns that they follow. This is why homebuilt SMGs are so unique in the modern world, because each gunsmith has their own design and concept for how he or she would like to build their gun.

I will be discussing the different variations of these firearms a little later in this post, but for now I would like to focus on a weapon which is gaining prominence through out the UK and United States, and is starting to become a major problem in Northern Ireland and Australia.
With namesake to it’s creator, I present the Luty Pattern Submachine Gun.
This badboy’s designs can be found on the internet. It can fire .32 , .380, 9mm Luger or Makarov, or .45 ACP.
Designed by pro-gun campaigner in West Yorkshire by the name of P.A Luty, the Luty SMG is a notorious firearm through out the crime world. It’s designs are available across the internet(link above), and its design has sparked thousands of other unique designs that take an apple from the family tree. These designs usually only differ in small things like cultural designs and making the firearms based on whatever is cheaper and more available. What lies true though is the killing power of these firearms, I do actually have a video showing a Luty being fired:

In Rust, having Luty SMGs would provide another “homemade” weapon, and a very deadly one at that. The one downside of the Luty though is it’s horridly inaccurate, and overheats quiet easily. But this isn’t the only weapon I would suggest adding to Rust.
One thing I thought about is how much variety their is with Machine Pistols, as I said before… It totally differs between the gunsmith, hell some of our own gunsmiths on FP have their own designs based around the Luty.
But remember the picture at the top of the page? My suggestion is to go for something like that… About ten to twelve different Machine Pistols would exist, all with their own different stats, and ways of working. They wouldn’t have any upgrades, and for the most part would be a very “basic” or common weapon. They would be horridly inaccurate, prone to overheating, eat through a lot of ammo, and possibly have really bad jams occur.

With the current Luty and Chech weapons… I would like to show a few different machine pistols from around the world, and if the developers ever take a liking to this idea, maybe they could give those gunsmiths a pat on the back, and put their guns into a video game.






I would post more, but I think people get the point. SMGs or rather Machine Pistols are a definite must, and their should be a wide variety of them available in Rust. They would make more sense then the standard “black guns” as they are a lot easier to handcraft, and would be far more likely in a SHTF situation.

People are still complaining about how M4’s and other “modern weapons” are negatively influencing the game with their ease of use, and lack of any real cons.
I am going to bump this namely because homemade SMGs just seem like a better alternative in the long run, and fit the game more.

Well on the topic of homemade machineguns. What if they made some sort of gunrack turret like the one from Gears of War 3, the one that holds 4 guns for base defense or suppressing fire. It would eat the crap outta bullets but fuck if it wouldn’t be scary to have bullets raining down on you.

I do think that these underground weapons fit the theme of Rust more than say an M4. We do not have mass production and precision machines, so it only makes sense that any weapons made in Rust should have this haphazard feel.

There was a particular drawback of the Luty SMG that you mentioned that would be a great new weapon mechanic once weapons are more flushed out: overheating. I’m trying to think of how the mechanic could be dealt with in the game. I have two reasonable thoughts regarding this implementation: 1) overheating could make a gun unable to shoot for a set period of time (somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-5 seconds) 2) given the poor construction of these weapons, heat from the gun could potentially damage the shooter through minimal burn damage (of course, this wouldn’t be a large amount of damage, but it would add up; additionally, if a system for tracking damage by body part were ever to be implemented, hand scalding could reduce weapon accuracy).

I think it would be great if we had a sort of modular weapon design system. Obviously, this adds a great bit of complexity to the game, but it would give weapons a unique feel. I’m imagining clans having designated gun-smiths who make a majority of clan weapons. If each clan had their own weapon design by their smith, it would allow the type of variety that you’ve discussed here. The downside of this (which some might argue isn’t an issue at all) is that it would put even more pressure on the new player. Even a more established new player may not be able to compete with the catalog of parts that better clans have at their disposal. This might push even more players to join and form clans, though, which would be a nice touch.

I think they should add the ak47 but like battle worn as a assault rifle

A makeshift AK-esque rifle would be really cool, slightly tarnished wood, rusted out magazine and metal, I’m sure it could be done.

I like this, give it some strong recoil and ill be happy to see it in the game