Suggestion - Multiple servers based on region

So we all know the server has been struggling to handle the amount of players online. What I think a lot of us would like would be multiple servers, and a list of servers to play on based on region or simply numbered servers like you get in Simcity - Although I for one am particularly fed up of idiots who can barely speak english, as well as the fact that the server crashes when the player count spikes.

What does everyone else think, and equally as importantly, what does the Dev team think? Are you planning to expand the current server to allow it to handle more players or will you eventually choose to start multiple servers to handle the world at large?

I’d like a main server with hundreds of people rather than regional servers with ~30 people, which was what was making people quit, a lot.

They should instance the world into quarters and serve it all from a cloud. Have database on some dedi somewhere and just host the content from cloud based on players location.

maybe they should do something like planetside 2 with different regions and shit.