Suggestion - Muting

Now that there are many new players there will be many questions coming from them in chat, Personally I’m fine with that but what I’m not fine with is that they all feel like they are obliged to bitch and moan about it so everyone can see it. If some kind of rule is added in-game about flaming maybe then the spam will stop. Still hoping to see the ability to mute text chat and maybe even voice. Feel free to add something or give criticism.

Text chat probably needs to go away in the greater scheme of things. We need to look into what we’re going to do with that.

Don’t remove it completely, the majority of people use the text chat rather than VOIP.

Deal with mic spammers by killing them.

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Some sort of radio?

Hm, why not add a talk limit of 10-20 seconeds, and make the refresh limit 3/4 that time?.

no text chat needs to be removed completly, garry’s motiv for this game in all his decisions that i have seen seems to be tight clausterphobic sporatic and confused gameplay. meaning i think he might be leaning more towards just making text not possible, and allowing voice in close proximity. sortof like what would actually happen in real life, you can only stop somone from talking by putting them down, but you cant talk to somone half a world away with nothing but a hatchet.

Why not just have different chat tabs? Such as global and local. Much better than completely silencing anybody without a mic.

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Some people use text chat to communicate with others and bullshit.

It shouldn’t be completely removed, but when released on steam you could just use steam chat instead

We can have a range for the mic’s. players within the radius will hear the speaker and ya a time limit does sound like a good idea, but would take time to play around with to find the best amount of time to limit the voice chat to.

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Another thing we can do is have another chat mode for new players later on when the game has already been out. The new players will not be able to switch from the chat box, but we, older users, can choose to select that chat to help new people out and teach them what we know. That can back fire if people choose to betray noobies though. Another idea I guess

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If theres so many asking for stuff why don’t u garry make a tutorial video first time playing it?

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I think text chat shouldn’t be gotten rid of completely. Sometimes I don’t want to bother friends and family, but I still want to communicate. Adding chat tabs for Global and Local should work, so Local has about the same range as voice, and Global is what the chat currently is already.
Additionally, I use text chat ingame even when I want to use voice because for some reason voice chat isn’t working for me, nor a friend of mine. It would be nice to have some options in the Sound panel, perhaps allows us to pick which microphone device we’re using (which reminds me, Garry if you’re watching this thread, there’s a bug in USpeak for switching microphones - it doesn’t work well at all. I think I’ve got a fix for it though), set the local and remote volume (local for your own voice, remote for the volume of everybody else), and if possible maybe a microphone test so I can check that voice chat even works.

lol, a PC game without text chat… Please Garry, this might be something that, in the greater scheme of things, is not a good idea.

It goes without saying that logging & displaying every line of chat will eventually turn into a clusterfuck. The chat needs to be less global, that’s all. Allow players to communicate via text in channels, and this will clean up much of the problem. The default (Global/General) chat can even be broken down into zones, or quadrants based on player location or proximity to the speaker.

If it should have text, it would be for vicinity only, not even /msg (treated such as voice)

You could check into the idea about landwarrior, they have texting with in that also,
could work if your going for military as end-game (ultimate survival level)