[Suggestion] New Admin Tool

After many hours of talking to the rustafied admin team and other server owners/admin I think the addition of a better spectate mode would allow server mods to detect aim bot.
To do this FB would need to allow spectate to give a true first person view of the player.

Because people use aimbots in a survival game … And even if, how can most 12 year old Admins say if they hack or not? They see a little wiggle and click the ban button. Forum will be flooded with “OMGeeeh i gut banned i no hax”.

I don’t understand this comment. Do you think they don’t? It’s pretty widely accepted that aimbot and ESP are two of the more popular hacks used in Rust.

I don’t know if the server gets enough client information quickly enough to do a full first person spectate, but if it did, aimbot (and ESP) would be much easier to identify.

Those two are especially insidious because when done right, the smart hackers can get away with both without setting off any red flags. Even when they do, they can both be hard to prove.