[Suggestion] New Assault Rifles

Starting this post, i will be talking about two new weapons and their stats compared to the already existant weapons in game…
First, the Hk416 carbine or M416

Comparing with the current Assault Rifle in game, also called AK, the Hk416 does 25% less damage, has 30% more accuarcy, 40% less recoil and fires 20% faster.
It can only be obtainable via the Helicopter loot, or via another NPCs in the future. Uses 5.56 ammo in a 30rounds magazine.

Second the M16 or AR15

This one has two uses, only one can be in game, one is a full auto version and the other one a semi-auto
Comparing to the current assault rifle, has the same stats as Hk416 but it can be obtainable via crafting or looting.
Comparing to the current Semi-auto Rifle it does 30% more damage, has 25% more accuarcy, 35% less recoil, fires 5% faster, uses 5.56 ammo too but in a 20 rounds magazine, the only downfall to this rifle is that if it is the full auto version, it haves the same price as the AK, and if it is the Semi-auto version it cost 40% more.

i like your ideas

why should semi-auto version cost more then full auto???
we can tap the auto version y’now

It’s pretty much what I said in here:

Give players more weapons to choose, there is 2 type of weapons in rust that could we choose. SMG (Thompson, Custom SMG etc…) or assault rifles (AK, Bolt (That’s it lol))

Well, of course, everybody would choose assault rifles than an SMG because they more powerfull-… But there are only 2 assault rifles (Idk if the bolt is counted as an assault rifle but whatever). I think you should put more assault rifles such as M4, M4A1, galil and such more weapons you could add to this game to give the player to choose. Every weapon has his advantages and his disadvantage. People should choose if they want a more accurate weapon but less powerful or more powerful gun but less account.

Love the idea and the images are amazing very sexy, although I have to second what others have said. The full auto version should cost more than the semi IMHO but just an opinion.

the images look nice. Did you make them?

I think they didn’t add this because it would be an op gun if it stated the real life Damage and Accuracy with low recoil , Ak 47 would be worthless to this

lol the AK is worthless anyway ha ha ha

More gun variety is more of an end of development addition don’t you think? Why do we need 2 more rifles that essentially do the same thing an ak does, when the survival aspect hasn’t even been fully developed?

That’s not to say I don’t like your ideas, I do. It’s just a low priority imo, and also seems kind of obvious that they’ll eventually add more guns once they reach a point where they feel good about doing so.

How is it worthless when it makes so much damage as a assault rifle

Pardon my mistakes u.u
The m16 semi-auto version, will cost more than the already existant semi-auto rifle.
Nerfing the old semi-auto or lowering the cost, IDK.

The full auto version will cost the same as the current assault rifle.
The semi-auto version by other hand will be more expensive than the already existant semi-auto rifle, making the m16 better than the SA rifle.
They are different, none of them will be more expensive than the AK, just more expensive than the SA.
Sorry for my mistakes.