[Suggestion] new Craftable Item: Summoning Stone ( for friends! )

A new item that can be crafted should be added: A summoning Stone

Made out of Cloth, Stone, Sulfur This item can be consumed to teleport a friend to your location, the item has a casting time of 120 seconds, a coold own of 5 mins and it will only teleport players that choose to be teleported by you ( via a prompt or hotkey )

This makes meeting with your friends much easier in experimental while keeping it able to be in vanilla.

Is meeting up with your friend’s supposed to be easy? I missed that memo.

I don’t think Garry is sitting around going “OMFG, how can I make it easier to meet up with your friends in Rust?!?!”

I agree it’s not supposed to be easy but I can say it’s not fun in the slightest running around for hours trying to find each other. The world is just fucking huge.

Wanna know how to meet up with your friends? Run north or south until you reach the border of either the desert or snow biome, whichever you think is closer. Make sure everyone runs the same way, obviously; two guys on the sand and one guy in snow won’t meet each other too quickly.

Once you hit the border between the biomes, look around the map for a common landmark, such as a mountain. You are now able to make imaginary lines to work out where you all are across the map according to that reference point, because the biomes are roughly paralle with latitude. If that turns out not to be very easy, everyone starts heading either east or west (decide as a group) until they find a landmark they can all see, or you hit the beach. If you hit the beach, just wait; unless they get killed, they’ll get there soon enough.

That’s a near-foolproof way of navigating, and there are more sophisticated techniques available with a little thought.

Sure, a teleport would be more convenient than this, but teleports don’t belong in vanilla Rust. Go nuts with plugins, but not vanilla.

Is the world of rustcraft lol a summoning stone? Next your going to ask for orcs and goblins insted of wolves and bears

Orcs and goblins would be cool…:smile:

Anyways, I vote no on the summoning stone. Once servers don’t restart every day or every couple days, players will have time to know the landscape.

Things I think should be implemented but stay with the survival style would be;
-simple sundials (is the sun rising East and setting West atm?)
-constellations or a North star
-improvised compass
-depending on the hemisphere, moss on trees or rocks

I see people complain on several different servers daily about how it is just too difficult to find your friend in rust. ( EDIT ) ( By the way I ran from ice biome to the beginning of Desert Biome and it took 8 in game day and night cycles. in other words fucking too long)

Most people who want to play on a vanilla server cannot use the /tp command that many other servers in the modded section use to bypass this problem.

I was simply suggesting a way to implement a friend meetup command in the game, because lets face it, sure this game is about surviving but playing alone is only entertaining for so long. ( not really! its more about being with your friend and pvping someone in the face with a waterpipe shotgun. )

People who get in the game only to spend the next 2 hours breaking the W button on their keyboard trying to find their friend wont play for long. and they will tell their friend who does not have rust that it is just a hiking simulator if you ever wanted to co-op.

I agree there def should be more lore friendly ways, such as north star, compass and possibly able to make a map to trade to people.

But until we have horses,dirt bikes or buggies we use /tp or break our keyboards.

Tp is not the answer. Here, how about a compass powered by homo-erotic thoughts that points in the direction of a player who accepts your feelings via invitation.

i get that many people play modified legacy servers, and therefore have no ability to navigate without /tp or*/map*. those same people immediately /kit when they spawn rather than go collect some wood and stone to make a hatchet, and hunt down some cloth for a sleeping bag.

seriously, i have no idea how you can play like that. its like rust for babies; there is no skill required in playing when you have all these things given to you on a silver platter. you may as well use a server that spawns you with a medkits and autoequipped kevlar and m4 in a 100m wide fenced in arena, since that’s obviously what you think rust is.

to me, its too easy, and too boring to be able to /tp to anyone.

You should try SecondLife, you can hang out with your friends all day, try on new outfits, even discuss hair and beauty tips…

and the main form of transportation is tp. you can tp to favourited landmarks, send and recieve tp requests. it’s tp heaven;)

It tells everything one needs to know about these TP-requester’s mindset that they ask for TP instead of a compass being implemented.

You find the challenge of navigating in rust boring and you are not able to overcome it. So you ask for it to be completely removed. You ask to implement a kind of magic teleport witchery that in no aspect fits into the world of rust instead of asking for a proper tool (compass) that would even have the potential to deepen the immersion and perhaps even make the task to find each other more fun.

Perhaps Rust is really not the right game for you (and by “you”, I mean “all of those who ask for TP”). Go play a modded server. That’s where such kind of things belong.