[Suggestion] NEW durable Door for C4!

Hi! (Keep in mid this is only a suggestion, and I’m just giving some ideas that can tweak and develop or just scrap it.)

After reading on the forum a bit, people complain about raids ALOT.

I discussed this with my friend and we came up with a simple idea. Reinforced doors.

The ability to reinforce your door would help you be a bit more safe in you new built base,shed etc. in this game.

Reinforced wooden door - Unable to chop it down with hatchet or pickaxe / or adding in a sledgehammer. Or use 1 C4.

Reinforced metal door - needs 1 extra C4.

This is only an idea that we discussed for 2 min, so please give some feedback and suggestions. Ether this is a good idea or a bad idea i don’t know, you decide! :slight_smile:

Best regards ExpertSG

A better idea would be to make explosives much rarer and harder to craft, no man should be running around with 20 explosives he made in his wooden shack.

Maybe, but instead of changing the C4 itself we could make better doors. :slight_smile:

It just seems daft that you can go from being naked with a rock as your only tool to wielding an M4, Kevlar and C4 in only a few hours, all of which you crafted yourself. These things should be quite rare and time consuming to craft, we need lower tier weapons in the meantime to bridge the huge gap between the Bow and M4.

I still maintain that the best way to keep raiding in the game but keep it balanced would be to make c4 spawn only on timed events like airdrops. This artificial limitation would keep raiding alive but controlled. Also, it would spawn big ass firefights at the drop locations, which would be an incentive for PvP players and large clans to fight over, and make awesome fights break out while keeping your shelter from being raised every night.

People need to remember this is alpha, wooden and metal materials are the starting phase for alpha, same with all guns and armor. There’s a lot more to come so i wouldn’t worry to much about how much C4 there is,and how it blows metal doors up. I’m sure in the next few months there will be much stronger stuff :slight_smile:

I’m on the “make C4 harder to get” side of the fence here. I think it’s too hard to get the recipe currently, since once someone has it they can just spam C4 forever and that’s unfair to the other players. If you could only get C4 from drops (which makes more sense, the stuff you put into the C4 doesn’t make C4…) it would fix both kinds of balance there. I also think if this happens that C4 should be buffed - 1 charge = 1 metal door. It makes more sense, and breaching a door with a shaped charge generally doesn’t require more than one IRL (that would be useless!).

This especially is more feasible since the airdrop beacon things exist now, as well-off players can still get more C4 on-demand if they’re stocked-up enough, while keeping it more evenly accessible to other players.

Anyway there are a ton of ways to approach balancing this, many of which would work fine (albeit differently). It all depends on the other additions to the game, so we should probably wait until the next content patch (with the rifle, etc.) before bothering to reach any real consensus.

As an aside, the description for “Explosives” says they are the explosives used for priming a shell casing, which would be cool to see implemented. That could drastically change the amount of gun use and shift the balance of the game greatly.

Give c4 a longer crafting time and a cooldown.

You should only be able to craft 3 a day real time. Or make it so you cant learn it, make it so you have to find them only.

This is my Experience on an Instant craft Server (yeah,dumb me that im not playing on official,but i like Server with less ppl).

5 Guys from China (since the release its many many many many player from Asia) coming up to the Server.
Only 2 hours later,my 6x6 house about 4 Floors and the Barricades and Spikes in front of it was bombed.No doors,only a few walls and completely raided.

Yes,its an instant server so i cant say something to the Craft time.But the Option that C4 is not craftable would be the best in my oppinion.
C4 is very easy to craft.The material (if 5 guys are farming) are in less than 10 minutes farmed and it is enough stuff to build about 30-40 C4,which is enough to raid every house.

I sitting in the second floor to wait for a good moment to rush out.2 guys stand in front of the door and save it,the rest farmed stuff for C4.

So,i agree with the Option to make C4 not craftable.

I agree, people complain that Explosives are sooooooooooo hard to make… But they really arent. If you have alot of Sulfur (you will have alot of charcoal aswell since furnace creates a shitton) you can just fucking choo choo train the Explosive Charges. If you have spent enough time killing animals and mining (atleast 1 hour) you could have enough to blow down a couple of doors. Its SO stupid. Also making airdrops less frequent and less rewarding, since getting so much in airdrops is unfair to people without a team of 5 like some people have.

Someone suggested a Heavy Metal door, which takes 4 C4 to blow up. Explosives are fine the way they are its just the doors need to handle more C4.