[suggestion] New resources

Hello all,

It’s me again. I really like to see the ideas of others and I also like to share mine. It’s just that Rust brings some kind of fantasy which gives my brain the intention to come up with some ideas. And because I like to read someone else his ideas, I feel the urge to share mine as well. Maybe someone will read them once, polish them and maybe even implement them to generate an even more diverse gameplay.

My previous posts about servers vs servers and about some suggestions for the new XP system are completely different. Now my brain got into some ideas for new resources and some use with them. Everything below came up in my mind, so please give your opinion about it, because it might be completely stupid for others.

I tried to search throughout the forum if there were some related ideas, but didn’t found any. The resources I came up with weren’t there yet, maybe the items i came up with are already on the forum.

1. Resources
1.1 Roots. After you finished a tree, you will get one root. Maybe you have 1/20th change of getting a root when you pick up herbs. Are quite hard to get many of them

1.2 Leaves You gather them when hitting a tree. You get like 100 per tree. Stacks up to 1000. Very easy to get

1.3 Feathers (Are suggested already) Obtained when harvesting a chicken. They also leave them on the ground when they start running. Easy to get

1.4 Ground Can be picked up on places where grass isn’t growing. (where the mushrooms are growing currently) Easy to get

1.5 Tree resin (Don’t know if google translate did its job) But the sticky stuff that comes from old trees. This is gathered by hitting tree with 1/100th change to get it. Hard to get

1.6 Sand Can be picked up in the desert or on shore. Easy to get

1.7 Ethylene terephthalate granulants Obtained by melting the water bottle or via barrels in rad towns. When there is a lot of stuff what you can make with it it should be Easy to get, if it includes more rare stuff than Hard to get

1.8 Clay Can be picked up in the low-level part of a river. Common to get

1.9 Poison (also mentioned a lot) But this can be picked by a new kind of plants. Rare to get

1.10 Coal Not the charcoal that you get from your fire, but a coal like stuff that can be mined near mountains. This coal has a much better transforming rate for sulfur, metal frags and HQM when used in a furnace. Like 1 coal is similar to 3 wood. Should be averagely 4 times harder to get than wood, but 2 times harder when living near the mountain

1.11 Rubber juice Rubber juice is obtained by the rubber tree that grows more towards the desserts. This tree can be harvested for both wood and rubber juice.

So now I’ve given a load of different resources, now it’s important to know what you can do with them.

2. Items
2.1 Roots
2.1.1 Bows With the roots we can make a stronger bow. 3 roots per bow. (I know, new bows are already mentioned)
2.1.2 A ballista/catapult Some old fashioned weapon, but than a little bit smaller that it becomes a two-handed weapon. So that you can use that as siege weapon for raids. Catapult fires stones that you get in the beginning. (These can than be made by using 100 mined stones)
2.1.3 A root door Better than the wooden door and slightly weaker than the sheet metal door. Costs 5 roots and 100 wood.
2.1.4 Root chests Slightly bigger than the current wooden box, but with 6 more inventory spots. Costs 3 roots and 100 wood.
2.1.5 Peddles When canoes are introduced once. You can make your canoe with 1000 wood and peddle with your bare hands. Increase your speed when using a peddle made of 5 roots.
2.1.6 Extra’s There are a lot of things we can do with roots implemented. Maybe even some kind of drinkable mixture that gives you +10% speed for 2 minutes. The root is quite good for different end items.

2.2 Leaves
2.2.1 Underwear Like Adam and Eve, just providing you little protecting for the first 10 minutes of the games.
2.2.2 Ghillie suit Be almost invisible when hiding in the bushes. The ghillie suit costs 2000 leaves.
2.2.3 Base cover You are able to cover your walls with the leaves. Every wall should cost 500 leaves. Make your base invisible in the forest! Or make your compound look like a small forest (fata morgana) in the dessert.
2.2.4 Trap cover Maybe with some new traps (to catch other animals than fish) these are covered in leaves. So leaves are needed to craft these items.
2.2.5 Extra’s Also with leaves there are a lot of things to think of.

2.3 Feathers
2.3.1 Arrows The true and main reason for this are the arrows. Make better arrows that involves feathers.
2.3.2 To catch fish Maybe as bait in the current fish trap, otherwise bring us a fishing rod that needs feathers.

2.4 Ground
2.4.1 Mud You can make mud by mixing (“crafting”) ground and water. Mud can than be used on yourself as cover. It will replace the clothing items in your inventory and it will make you less visible to other players, especially in the dark. Maybe even such that bears and wolves won’t auto attack you. When it rains, your mud cover flows away.
2.4.2 Gardening With the new gardening stuff coming, this seems to be necessary.
2.4.3 Shovel Maybe we need a shovel to collect ground.
2.4.4 Wheelbarrow/sand bag Maybe you need a sand bag or wheelbarrow to be able to travel with the ground.
2.4.5 Cement Use Ground, sand and water together to get cement.
2.4.6 Concrete Use cement and ground to get the before last tier building option: Concrete. Concrete decays slower than armour, but has a little weaker durability. It should cost like 150 ground, 100 cement per square foundation. (so it will take you some time for a big building)

2.5 Tree resin
2.5.1 Sticky juice When the tree resin is heated in a camp fire or furnace it produces sticky juice. This is also stack-able.
2.5.2 Duct tape Yup, Duct tape. With the sticky juice and paper you can make duct tape. With duct tape you can repair stuff without a repair bench, but giving it 50% of the durability. Another application for Duct tape can be your stability. On every floor where you apply 1 role of duct tape the stability is increased with 15%, max 2 roles per floor.
2.5.3 Semtex F1 grenade with sticky juice gives a semtex. A stick-able grenade.
2.5.4 Stick players (I don’t know if this is really a good one, but can’t wait to view some people troll with this) You can throw sticky juice and if you hit another player he will be stuck for 2 seconds.

2.6 Sand
2.6.1 Glass Must go into a furnace to make glass. Glass gives limited options! No need to mention.
2.6.2 Sandbag buff Maybe give a decay to sandbags. You can then repair them with sand.

2.7 Ethylene terephthalate granulants
2.7.1 PET Put it in a fire and make PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which is the basis of plastic. With plastic you can make plastic bottles to take water with you.
2.7.2 See-through shield You can make a See-through shield with a lot of PET. You must hold this item so your not able to use any weapon, but your protected for bullets until it breaks after X shots.
2.7.3 Extra You can do so many big things with plastic. Just too much to mention.

2.8 Clay
2.8.1 Building type A building type with the decay of armour, but slightly weaker than stone.
2.8.2 Clay furnace A furnace easier to build than the large furnace, because it’s smaller in size and more likely to get in sense of BP (or at an earlier level in XP system), but holds only 10 spots of inventory.
2.8.3 Again imagine the possibilities with clay

2.9 Poison
2.9.1 Poison on arrows, bullets or weapons Make your armory more dangerous by adding poison. Causing the defender to bleed 10% more when hit.
2.9.2 Use of poison on your traps
2.9.3 Use of poison on your code lock Giving people even more damage when they try to get into your beloved home. But don’t forget the code yourself!

2.10 Coal
Already explained
Can be used for a variety of other stuff of course.

2.11 Rubber juice
2.11.1 Rubber With the rubber juice you can make rubber by burning it in a camp fire.
2.11.2 Slingshot Maybe make a some kind of sling shot which shoots stones.
2.11.3 Wider variety of traps All kinds of traps can be implemented with rubber.
2.11.4 Rubber clothing Doesn’t give much protection against bullets, but reduces your fall damage with 65%.
2.11.5 Rubber shoes (I know this is also mentioned with clothing, but I want to mention it an extra time) I didn’t want to mention electricity too much, because it is already making its way towards the gameplay. Some guy on the forum mentioned an electricity trap on your wall. Of course electricity traps and/or a taser will make it into the developers mind. Rubber shoes will protect you against such a threat.

So thank you for reading my post! Hopefully you thought somewhere: “yeah, this might be a good idea”. If you would like to comment, please feel free to comment everything you like. Even if you think that I am retarded. But let me know, so I can find someone to help me;)


And how you want to use flowers? Just as decoration?:wink:

Make poisons or a chemical agent ! or Meds

maybe future Blowguns with poison darts!

Yeah that would be very nice as well! Poison darts and blowguns are already mentioned a lot. But I really like them!