[Suggestion] New Types of Airdrop Event

Hello everyone! I present you some ideas about new types of airdrop.



I like it. I especially like the paratrooper and spacecraft crash. Would be cool if the spacecraft also exploded and destroyed stuff where it crashed. That way people that got too close to the crash site would be killed.

Sounds good, agree with things crashing onto the island :slight_smile:

I also think crates washing up on shore would be cool too.

awesome suggestions! I like it.

More preferable than barrels everywhere.

I don’t mind the barrels, but it would be nice to have better loot quietly wash up on shore. Basically a crate would slowly drift in until it hit the sand. It would be nice to not have something that always drew a hoard of people with guns from the country side.

You might chance upon one drifting in, and then have to crouch in the bushes while you waited, or build a quick shack to wait it out. Hopefully if anyone else saw you could dispatch them before they alerted their friends to it through chat, teamspeak, or something else.

Also, you could create a swarm of people by announcing it in global chat, “Crate washing ashore on the south east coast!” Then just wait and pick people off as they approached.

The barrels should be semi buried and at slanted angles I think… they look a bit deliberate currently :wink: - Buried loot would be more natural for the fucked up nature and desolation.

The real question is why are we getting air drops in the first place? What sick organization put us on an island to kill each other. Who is the man behind the curtain toying with our lives? Why are the memories of my past life gone, and all I care about is killing my neighbor while he sleeps. Could this neighbor have been my best friend? Who knows?

Joking aside, I like the new air drop ideas. It would give more details to the story behind rust.