[Suggestion] New Weapon Skull Mace

Is just a idea to make the skull be more useful, and add a new cool item.


Maybe would be cool too if the mace was a torch too, like a skull mace with flaming eyes.

I think you should get a big ‘HEADBANGED!’ notification if someone manages to beat you to death with your own skull.

Epic use of the basically useless skulls, nicely thought of, especially with the secondary function as torch idea, Rust should have more bone items, armor and weapons!

Bring it on!


i would like to buy your pimping skull walking stick.

and a bone armor made of human bones would be cool too :slight_smile:

Nice, I also liked the trophy artwork on trello, I can’t wait to mount the heads of my failed raiders on my living room wall! :rock:

Excellent idea! I haven’t seen an idea that fits so perfectly to the Rust atmosphere in quite a while.

Skull staff - craftable using 1 wooden spear, 1 human skull, 20 cloth and 100 wood.
Then craft the spiked version using 1 normal skull staff and 50 metal fragments.

More uses for the human skulls please!