Suggestion - no clip "fixes"

I’ve been apprised of how this works, and I have suggestions on how to combat it:

  1. An intermittent (every 1-10 seconds) raycast on the server from the base of the player controller down. If the first hit is the water, then the player should die within (distance to water * velocity). If the first hit is terrain, then a similar calculation should take place to account for gravity. If these tests consistently fail, then they become more frequent for that player, and at some point he gets booted.

  2. Using the result of the raycast, if the x,z change from the client but the y remains fixed and the player is on terrain, he’s booted or forcibly snapped to the terrain.

The only other options are far more complicated and involve checking if a player can actually get from point A to B in the time they say they can, given the vector and velocity they provide. If the server says you hit a solid between those 2 points, the player is shitting you.

Ideally the server takes on a more authoritative role regarding player movement, but until then, or if it isn’t practical, these suggestions might make things more difficult for the no clippers.

What do you guys not understand about they are not focusing/worried about cheaters right now? Nobody seems to grasp that concept. It’s the LAST thing on their list to fix. I don’t get why people still feel the need to make useless threads about it

Because in this thread I am proposing how to address it and not simply stating it exists.

Well it’s easy to explain. People feel the need to make threads about it because their game play is being ruined by it. =) This thread is less than useless because he might have an easy solution. Now go back to using your cheat engine without fear of repercussion.