Suggestion on how to implement triangular stairs

Triangular stairs would really help players build even better building - I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this. I can see how triangular stairs could be a bit trickier than square stairs, but I think there is an effective way to do it. Basically, a triangular case would raise up half a level (1 level = 1 full wall height) and rotate 60 degrees. To go up a whole level, you use two adjacent staircases (maybe with the triangular half-height block we all hope to see soon). Below is a sketch of the idea (clearly I’m not an artist). Thoughts?

That would be quite interesting

I like the opportunities this would open up for the usage of half blocks in construction.

The third one is already in the game, but nice ideas anyway

That’s why it’s called a “reference”

I am all for new building blocks but I have been hoping to see triangle big blocks first.

we had this conversation a few months back.

Ah, yes, looks like the same idea (also a better sketch)!

both sketches are good. No reason to compare em. :smile: