Suggestion on Wildlife/Crafting

Hello partial Rust community,

I wanted to write a post on here about some things I would like to see implemented into the game. Also I would love your feedback and the developers take on what is being discussed here as well. So my first topic is Wildlife....
  1. As of right now it seems that the world is HUGE but the wildlife is basically only in the grassy/forest biome. Is this to help with possible server lag if the others were teaming with wildlife? What are the checks and balances here?

  2. If and when the biomes become populated with wildlife, will there be different types of animals that live there. For example, in the Tundra biome there could be Mountain Sheep and Ram, SNOW rabbits/wolves/bears and the list could go on.

  3. Possible animal AI and Population… Will the Wildlife “Flee/Hunt” other wildlife? Hated that a wolf, a bear, a pig, and a stag could live together. Also when a certain area becomes populated, is there a way to inflict some kind of “Extinction or endangered” respawn penalty for too many people in a location?

  4. Where are the birds, minus the chickens!? lol Did you ever find it strange that when walking through different parts of the woods, only footsteps of things could be heard? No birds singing, or wind blowing through the trees, just the footsteps and possible combat. Can this be implemented and a good idea to add more atmosphere?

  5. FISHING!!! So I was playing experimental the other day and I asked in one of the official servers if they liked the idea of catching fish as a way to make sure you were fed through to the next day. It was confirmed to be a good idea. So question is, can you bring fishing to this game. The idea of creating different fish for the different biomes and water types?(not sure if the water that is around the edges is considered ocean water?) Be able to Craft a fishing pole from would and a weight from stones. Build fish traps, or minow nets, to catch bait fish or actual fish you could walk into the trap and pick up. Possibility of finding worms, bugs, frogs, crawfish to fish with. The depth of this subject can be extreme but I don’t think it has to be. But the deeper you go, the better this will be!

  6. Last thing, the New enemies of the Rust land… I thought I saw somewhere that the new threat of Rust would be Robots? Is this confirmed? I think they will be a very cool way to “Secure” where the blueprints and good loot will be.

These are just some things that I have come up with to create more immersion into the game, and a lot more depth and playable hours to the survival aspect of the game. If you guys agree or disagree with anything, say or put the # you are talking about and let me, the community and the devs, what you think!

Hope to hear what you all have to say soon!

Thanks for reading,