[Suggestion] Once most the bugs get sorted out lets see some New AI and Seasons (Winter/Spring etc)

I want to see More wildlife such as Mountain Lions, Rhinos, Elephants, Yaks, rabbits and others. Also some nocturnal animals such as Panthers, Hyenas, Dingo’s, Certain Roaming Bears, honey Badger w/e

I want to see actual AI that fights back such as Bandits, Mutants, Robots, Dinosaurs, Aliens, Giant Scorpions, Giant Rats or what ever something/anything like this.

I want to see this game be about surviving against the land, against the wildlife and other dangers other than some naked man with penis in one hand and a rock in the other.

I want real seasons, like prepare for winter, you see the trees change in Fall and the small animals and hibernating animals go hide for the winter.

I want to see nocturnal animals take a role in the world.

I want to fight AI like bandits, mutants or robots or crazy cultists with strange technology.

I want this game to live up to it’s full potential and not fight any shitty red wolf/bears like in legacy and have no content.

I want, I want, I want.

Only been on this forum for a week or so now but their are sooooo many demanding children on this forum it’s ridiculous!

Gary and the Rust team, keep up the good work. Love the game. Don’t listen to much to the demanding Cuckoo’s to much. Would put you off developing!

The game has been in development for years. with all the flip flopping they should at least have some content right?

There is a way to ask and enquire though…

maybe a little rude with the “i want” stuff but his post included some goddamn fine content i would love to see aswell