Suggestion: Open other players inventories (less KoS more fun!)

My suggestion: Add a possibility to open other players’ inventory if they are standing still, for example with E holding key. Should be quite easy to make, and this give us two main benefits

  • it allows for robbery which is way more cool than KoS and I’d prefer to do that but I just can’t because people can hide items of value in their inventory
  • it allows for taking stuff from sleepers without killing them, sometimes you want to let the poor raided guy have some stuff to restart his progress but you have to shoot him to get to the goodies, and everything you don’t take will disappear

What do you think about this idea?

They are already planning on doing that with sleepers, and I agree with the first point.

If I raid someone i never ever destroy his Sleeping bag. And i also let him food and Tools so he can just Gather new ressources and dont have to start from Zero again. I Raid Bases I dont Grief them!