Suggestion: Paint for marking doors

I’d love to have some kind of paint or “stamp” to mark doors/trees whatever.

For example… I want to scare the guy living next to me to move, so I’d like to be able to put my (or my clan’s) mark on his door, to tell him he’s been “marked”. For death. A visible warning, or just a bit of a show adding to people’s paranoia. I’m sure a lot of players would freak out if they came home and saw a “deathmark” on their door. :stuck_out_tongue:
Or maybe put it on ones own door, as an open invitation to fight.

This could also be used as a friendly mark, as in “This house is under the protection of…”.

I’m sure there would be a lot of interesting uses.

You can let people know they’re unwelcome already. Just build a pillar in their door. :v:

But seriously, being able to throw lines of paint over stuff is a neat idea. I could see problems with making it work efficiently, though. Consider decal limits for bullet holes and such; paint would have to be handled differently or else it’d disappear almost immediately.

Pillars are neat, but I want the element of knowing who placed it. It’s a bit more scary if you’re marked by a clan of 10 people than if the mark belongs to the 12-year old that put his shack up next to your base.

I like the idea of this! Nothing says move like a big red middle finger on someones door. Can I have this?