[Suggestion] Party, Raid and Guild systems

Sorry if all of this already was suggested. I didn’t search forums for it.

[Party System]

  • Up to 4 men in party (Squad like)
  • You can always see you’re teammates nicknames
  • You can use voice communicating on any distance (maybe you need special item for that, like Radio for global chat from: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1337487)
  • Server admin can enable\disable friendlyfire for party.

[Raid System]

  • Up to 5 parties in raid (4x5 = 20)
  • You can always see you’re teammates nicknames
  • Server admin can enable\disable friendlyfire for raids.

[Guild System]

  • Up to 50 men in guild.
  • GM can craft and place special item ‘Guild Flag’
  • Guild can use own or presetted emblems on their flag.
  • Guild can build really big items, like big spike wall for example, gates, big guild chests, and a lot of other stuff that can help players to dominate.
  • Server admin can enable\disable friendlyfire for guilds.

For what we need it?
Parties can be used obliviously for fun, just a bit more interactive communication with your friends, it will help noobs to oriented on map and make gameplay more smooth. Parties are root of multiplayers game, when we will have more mobs and less weapons it will be harder to kill bear alone, so parties will help players communicate and play.

Raids are useless, but if we will have some raid bosses… It will be fun as hell, try to take own on boss when another 20 guys hide in brushes and wait time to kill ur group and take ur loot. It sound too mmoish, but hey, we don’t need levels and other mmo’s crap, just few bosses on map.

And guild obliviously can be used to communicate with other players and make your game experience more awesome. We don’t need big guild on servers with 200 slots capacity, 10-20-30 members is enough, I told about 50 because it optimal qty for guild that can dominate the server, but other players still has chance to kick their ass out.
Guild can build barricades and do other guild stuff… you know.

I think parties and guilds are core of nowdays multiplayer games, it should be used in game or like server modification, I prefer see it built-in in game.

Feel free to discuss, critics and comments :slight_smile:

Some of this is ok, however realize you are not playing an MMO and the party stuff is kinda whack, in my opinion. I like the idea of having to craft a radio to communicate with friends. or possibly have the standard radio channels and you all connect to a said frequency and hope noone is listening in on your conversation. I dont think FF should ever be allowed to be toggled, simply because I dont believe there should be “group” inviting. This is afterall a solid straight up survival game, but the implementation of a radio of sorts would be amazing.
I dont think a “guild” is a good idea simply because this is not a mmorpg, it is a survival game plain and simple. Noone should have access to any “bigger spike walls” just cause they are in a guild or clan server side. They are trying to make this a solid survival experience implementing a lot of the things most people want from their old fantasy mmo would literally ruin the concept of this game.
On a side note I would like to see a craftable GPS or locator in the game, possibly something that requires a lot of material to create. This would help with your locator issue of friends etc… All in all I feel your ideas are solid, however do not fit this games mechanics overall.

I like the idea of being able to see your friends’ names wherever, but anything beyond that… i dont like. Friendly fire adds “realism”. The radio, or walky-talky is a decent idea too… but both players would have to find one and they should only be attainable from air drops. maaaybe rad towns…

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this IS a mmo. thats all it is… lol. no single player=mmo. other than that, i agree with everything you said… minus the GPS tid-bit

I get what u mean guys, this is no fantasy mmo, but why survival game shouldn’t has guilds?
Exactly you already can play with friends and create your own guilds, noone can stop you from this. I just want that feature built-in in game for easy use and communicate or as I said it can be released like server modification.
I think parties and guilds are musthave feature for any online game. It just help to keep people together.

Yep, I thinks same about FF as player, it should never be turned off, but as server admin I want to have this like an option.

Also I think that game should has difficulty level, for example like it made in BF4. I like old hardcore gaming, but also I know that community is very important part of any game, game cannot be without community. So I try to explain how I see it:
On server A we have hardcore difficulty level, no players names showed, sleep while offline, required some start crafts for communication.
On server B we have normal difficulty level, players names shows when you aim, offline when you offline, you can use chat and voice communications without any restrictions.

In that case game can has a lot of features, but you can choose what you want, if you want hardcore without guilds, player names, scopes, etc - choose hardcore rules set, if you afraid and want to walk with friends gather flowers and build farm for deers, why not? All you need just find server with normal rules set.

Different difficulty settings and rules sets will affect more players to play, community will bigger, devs will get more money and will create more awesome product.