Suggestion - Placing structures timer

Adding a timer to placing structures would be a nice feature. For example placing down a door should take a little bit of time to fasten it to the door frame. The larger the structure, the more time it should take to place. Foundations for example could take 120 seconds to place down.

While placing a structure the player is unable to move and can cancel at anytime or be interrupted by damage, but if done so will break the structure being placed. Plopping down structures as it is now seems somewhat shallow.

I like it. It should stop idiots trapping players in shacks.

Do some research.

Actually I did do a search for building timer and nothing came up.

Do you really expect someone to go through exactly 20 pages to find your thread? If you made the thread title more informative, he could have higher chances to find it while searching.

120 seconds to place foundations… mmm… and these naked guys with rocks and wolfs attacking you when you are 95%. No.

Obviously that number isn’t set in stone, just an example. If you have wolves attacking you while your placing structures your doing it wrong.

With the search function, it doesn’t just search thread titles, but it also searches through the posts in the thread, too.